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Sewing Workshop Jan 5 & 6 in Corona

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  • Shelley Peters
       Hi & Happy New Year! Get off to a good start in 2013 by attending a Sewing Workshop and get sewing on the next historical garment you want to wear to
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 30, 2012
       Hi & Happy New Year!
      Get off to a good start in 2013 by attending a Sewing Workshop and get sewing on the next historical garment you want to wear to that exciting event!
      Wendie Fernandez has graciously offered to have a Sewing Workshop in her home in Corona (near River Road/Archibald & Corydon) on Saturday, Jan 5 & Sunday, Jan 6.  You can come one or both days.  It will take two days to finish a corset $150. For other projects the cost is $40 per day.  There are already 7 girls interested in attending, so let me know which day and what you want to work on and I will save you a place. shelleypeters@...
      I am in the process of moving my Workshop notification list to a Yahoo Group.  You don't have to have yahoo to be on it-just specify which email address to send messages to.
      Go to:  
      click on "Join this group" (or email me and I will send you an invitation.)
      To get notices on facebook go to:
      www.facebook.com/KansasMercantile        THANK YOU!!!
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      Next Sewing Workshops:
      Saturday Jan 19, Sunday Jan 20 Las Vegas
      February 9 & 10 Lakeside (San Diego area)
      February 23 & 24 Victorville
      If you would like to have a workshop in your area, these are some dates to consider:
      March 2 & 3
      March 30 Sat only
      April 13 &14
      May 11 & 12
      June ?
      Of course, a corset is the starting point for any period gown. In the next sessions I will then work with you on your individual project teaching you how to use period techniques to sew beautifully fitted period correct garments. All eras are welcome.
      Here are some of the projects you can receive individual instruction on in any era:
      Corset Workshop $125 (plus tax on materials) for the first day: Sew your own corset; white coutil, cotton twill, and all supplies included. (I recommend this before you attempt to sew a day dress or ball gown)  $25 per day to finish.
      Under it All $40: Chemise and drawers or combination underwear for beginning and intermediate sewers.
      Bodice Fitting $40: Make a muslin from your favorite day dress or ball gown pattern and have it fitted to your corseted shape (I recommend Truly Victorian).  If this gets completed we will go right into the cutting out process.
      Bodice Construction $40 per day: Period techniques taught for a bodice( day or ball gown) to go over a corseted figure including flat lining, hook and eye closure, boning channels, and piping facings. Supplies will be available for sale.
      Summer Sheer Dress $40 per session:  Learn to fit the underbodice, gathering, flatfell seams, and cartridge pleat as you construct a gown made of sheer cotton
      Skirting the Belle $40:  How to make a skirt (day or ball gown) to go over your hoops with period construction techniques and pleating ideas.
      The 5 Foot Pinner Apron $40: For beginning to intermediate sewers, learn how to use 5 of your sewing machine feet while constructing a pinner apron
      Wrapper $40: This requires 7 yards each of fabric and lining. We will use the Past Pattern #807.
      UFO $20 to $40: Come and sew for the day.  Work on your own or get help on your specific project.
      Private Sewing Lessons:  $20 per hr/2 hr minimum
      Bring a Potluck dish to share, your sewing machine and the project you want to work on. We'll have fun and accomplish some sewing!
      Please let me know if you plan to participate and which class you are interested in doing. I can send you a flyer with more information about each workshop. Supplies (patterns, boning, hook & eye tape, etc.) will be available for purchase.  Cash, Check, or Cards accepted.
      Upcoming Events2013
      Come join with us in commemorating the 150th Anniversary of the American Civil War at these sesquicentennial events and other Living History/Historical Dance events:
      January 5,6  Sewing Workshop Corona
      January 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 Dance Class before the Dickens Ball   http://www.riversidevictoriandance.com/
      January 12,13 Gathering of the Gunfighters, Yuma AZ    http://www.rgamerica.org/
      January 19, 20 Corset & Historical Sewing Skills Workshop, Las Vegas , NV
      January 26, 27 Civil War Reenactment, Yuma Quartermaster Depot, Yuma AZ *
      January 26 Mock Ball, Dickens Fest   http://www.riversidevictoriandance.com/
      January 26 Jane Austen Tea & Ball
      February 2,3 Riverside Dickens Festival   www.dickensfest.com *
      February 2 Mr. Fezziwigs Ball www.Dickensfest,com
      Feb 2 Viennese Nights Ball, Balboa Club San Diego
      Feb 9, 10 Sewing Workshop Lakeside/San Diego area
      Feb      Lincoln Shrine Open House
      Feb 16, 17, 18 Civil War Reenactment Calico Ghost Town, Yermo , CA ACWS.net
      Feb 16, 17 Civil War Encampment Strathearn Museum, Simi Valley   www.CivilWarAlliance.com
      Feb 21, 22 Sewing Workshop TBA Victorville?
      March 2,3 Sewing Workshop TBA
      March 9,10 Civil War Reenactment , AntiqueGas&SteamEngineMuseum, Vista  www.civilwaralliance.com
      March 16,17 St. Catherine’s, Anaheim , Washington Artillery
      March 16,17 Picacho Peak Civil War Reenactment, AZ
      March 23 Grand Victorian Ball, Pasadena , http://victoriandance.org/
      April 6, 7 Civil War Reenactment, Prado Park , Chino ,   www.sccwa.com
      April 20, 21?     Civil War Reenactment Fairview Park , Costa Mesa
      April 27,28 Civil War Reenactment, Pierce College , Woodland Hills,  www.CivilWarAlliance.com
      May 3-5 Gaslight Gathering Steampunk&Victoriana Conference, San Diego www.gaslightgathering.org
      May 4, 5  Wooden Nickel?
      May 24, 25, 26 Civil War Reenactment, Vail Lake ACWS.net
      June 8  Admiral Lord Nelson Ball, Orange County
      June 22-July 8 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg , PA  www.BlueGrayGettysburg.com
      July 6, 7 Old Ft. Macarthur Days
      July 13 Grand Victorian Ball, Pasadena http://victoriandance.org/
      August       Ft. Tejon Invitational
      August 31-September 1 Civil War Reenactment, Central Park, Huntington Beach
      September    Banning Stagecoach Days
      Sept           Riley’s Farm?
      September   Poway Rendezvous
      October 12,13 Civil War Reenactment, Tom’s Farms, Corona  www.civilwaralliance.com
      October 12,13 BattleoftheOldWoman’sGun Dominguez Rancho, Carson
      October 25-27 Spring Mountain Ranch Civil War Reenactment, Las Vegas ACWS.net  SNLHA.org
      November 9, 10 Civil War Reenactment, Moorpark, www.civilwar alliance, com
      December 14,15 Vail Lake  www.ACWS.net
      These Civilian Civil War Reenacting Units are always looking for new members:
      Historical Citizens Association (HCA) HistoricalCitizens.org
      Winstontown Winstontown@yahoogroups.com
      10th Georgia Hospital & Relief Association Terry Larson at 951 506-9139, flyingcolorscsa@..., or Jim & Lynette Corten at 951 694-1862
      American Civil War Society, Inc   www.ACWS.net    ACWS_CivilianCorps@yahoogroups.com
      Shelley Peters 951-334-8054
      Proprietress, Kansas Mercantile
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