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Re: [CGWcostumers] Re: Skating at Pershing

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  • LoraleePage
    Hi Val, Thanks and glad you like them. The answer is photoshop to the rescue ..... Sometimes you get a happy mistake. I shoot natural light (no flash) as I
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      Hi Val,
      Thanks and glad you like them.  

      The answer is "photoshop to the rescue".....  Sometimes you get a "happy mistake."

      I shoot natural light (no flash) as I prefer the more natural results. In low light conditions ( such as what we had) many pictures are blurred due to long shutter speeds.  I liked that shot but it was horribly blurred..... to the point it was not going to make "cut".  So I played with some of the filters in photoshop. I believe that one was the "colored pencil" filter.  There are about 4-5 of the pictures I posted from the tea that had "issues" relating to blurring.  Most of them I used a "sponge" or "brush" filter on.  I thought that gave them a period look.  (when I post links from my photos there is usually at least one of these in there.  In Messiah Sing from this year there is one of Natalie with the brush filter that looks sort of like a period painting. In a previous year there is a group shot done that way.). Fun stuff to experiment with.


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      Loralee, you had some beautiful photos there. I love the one of me that looks like a Crayola sketch. How in the world did you do that?
      Thank you for sharing all these.
      Val (red & black bustle)

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