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Candidate Statements for August Board Election

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  • franwazz
    At the request of Anne Mitschek, President of the Costumers Guild West, I am officially posting the statements received and printed on the proxy form you have
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 23, 2010
      At the request of Anne Mitschek, President of the Costumers Guild West, I am officially posting the statements received and printed on the proxy form you have found inside the latest "Squeals."

      Best wishes and good luck to all candidates,

      Fran Wasielewski
      Information Officer

      OFFICE & CANDIDATE'S NAME (alpha by first name) STATEMENT


      G. Annie Mitschek
      While I have been honored to serve as your President the CGW has accomplished many things including: creation/registration of our guild logo and the Servicemark for Costume CollegeĀ®, filing our income tax, relocating our main event (College) to a new home, outreach to other costumers, working toward making the rules fair, updating our website, sponsoring prizes at various venues and making the Board more accessible. I would be honored to continue to serve you as we move into the future while preserving our history and traditions. I would truly appreciate your vote for another year as President. Thank you.

      Maegen Hensley
      My name is Maegen Hensley, and I am running for President of CGW. I have been an active member of CGW and Costume College for over 10 years. My various volunteer positions at Costume College include Teacher, Programmer, Assistant Dean, Gala Mistress, Dean, and most currently Assistant Hotel Liaison and Guest Teacher Liaison. As President of CGW, I would implement changes that would effectively refocus our group to educational workshops and lectures that support the current multitude of events found in California. Vote for me if you want to see a rebirth of excitement put into CGW as an organization!


      Colleen Crosby
      Hello! I'm Colleen Crosby. As two-time Vice President/Events Coordinator of Costumer's Guild West, Inc., as well as a current Director-at-Large and Dean of Costume College, I hope that many of you know me. (If not, please say "Hi!) For 2010-11 I am seeking the opportunity to return to Vice President and Events Coordinator. I would like to focus on having the CGW co-host events in coordination with other local costuming groups, such as the recent Victorian picnic at the Los Angeles Arboretum, with a few stellar CGW events, such as a 1930s live game set on a train. Thanks! Colleen


      Natalie Meyer


      Kathy Lear
      I have been Recording Secretary of the CGW for several years now, and am pleased and honored to have been involved in the many changes the organization has initiated within itself. I look forward, with your approval, to another year of service in implementing the wishes of the membership and the progress of the Costumer's Guild West.


      Chaz Boston-Baden
      I'm Chaz Boston Baden. I come from a sewing family. I've edited newsletters that came out twice a month and others that came out twice a day. I can do this. Give me a chance as your Corresponding Secretary and Squeals Editor.

      Fran Wasielewski
      I ask for your vote for the position of Corresponding Secretary and Squeals editor. My qualifications are that for many years, I created press releases, mailing pieces, catalogs & correspondence for another non-profit organization using MS Word, PageMaker & InDesign, being responsible for strict publication deadlines. While there is need for the speed of electronic communication, I feel Squeals serves several purposes, as it provides news for those who aren't online and a forum for those who like to see their writings in print. I will encourage all members to contribute articles and commentary to Our Official Publication.


      Andrea Edelman
      Hello fellow costumers! I've thoroughly enjoyed my time as a Director-at-Large, and hope to be re-elected for the coming year. It's been wonderful to work with so many friendly, talented people, learning so much and making new friends. I look forward to continuing to work with all of you! Thank you.

      Elizabeth McCash
      My fellow Costumers,
      Well, it's time to throw my hat back in the ring! During this past year as Director-at-Large, I have been able to represent your concerns before the Board, as well as help shape policies to ensure the smooth running of our Guild.
      If re-elected, I would continue to do all that I could to help the Guild be the best that it can be.
      Thank you for your time and for your consideration.
      Elizabeth McCash
      Member Development Chair
      Costume College 2010 Volunteer Chair

      Heather Pritchett
      Howdy. Our club rocks. I would like to make it rock harder. As a Board Member, I think I can do that. I feel the CGW is a great organization and I think we always benefit from new ideas and new faces. I've been a member since 2005 and have volunteered in various small ways for the last 3 years, including Squeals collating and assisting with Costume College. I would love the opportunity to give back to the club from which I have gained so much knowledge, friends and good times. Please consider me for a Director-at-Large position.

      Jennifer Mulvey
      My name is Jennifer Mulvey and I am running for Director at Large. I feel my three years volunteering in Programming (two as Programming Head) for Costume College has shown that I am dedicated to CGW, Inc., organized and straightforward. I believe in regulations and rules that are upfront, fair and open for all the guild members to access and understand. I love costuming and the fun that being a costumer brings, but I believe for a Board, there should be logic and sensibleness. I hope my simple upfront attitude is accessible to anyone who has questions or concerns.

      Joyce Best Saunders
      Serving as Director-at-Large is one way of contributing to the costuming community. As a charter member of Costumers Guild West, Inc., I have functioned as enthusiastic member, twice as Vice President, President, Costume Con 8 committee member, staffed and taught at Costume CollegeĀ®, represented Costumer's Guild West, Inc. as; den mommy, masquerade competitor, panel member, and judge for other events. Vote for me as a Director-at-Large, I will present ideas to unite the membership, working to enhance the experience of being a member of both Costumer's Guild West, Inc. and Costume CollegeĀ®. Let Joyce Best Saunders serve you once more!
      Shawn Crosby I hereby announce my intent to run for Director at Large on the CGW Board. The past year as Vice President has given me great insight into the workings of the Guild, where it has been and where it can go; I'd like the opportunity to utilize my background in PR/Media to promote the Guild, its members, expertise, and services. We know we have a lot to offer costumers, reenactors and fans as an organization, but we could also greatly serve the community in a philanthropic and educational manner by simply doing what we do best- making and wearing costumes!
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