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  • Janice Dallas
    Apr 1, 2008
      We're Janice and Ron Dallas, East Coast members of CGW (Boston, MA). We
      found out about Costume College at a Costume Con in Baltimore and just
      had to attend in 1997. Through that event, we became members of CGW.
      There wasn't a viable Chapter in our area at the time, so we had joined
      the NY/NJ "Sick Pups" instead. We felt that we fitted right in to the
      CGW group.

      Basically, we costume, do sets, etc. for theater productions and for the
      Arisia Convention held in Boston every January. Both of us are in our
      60's with grown sons. My sons learned how to help with costumes from an
      early age, since I was always involved with costume design and
      construction (as well as performing) for some group or the other during
      the year. When my body started to act up, Ron got more involved in
      sewing costumes for me. At present, we mainly work with a Gilbert &
      Sullivan operetta group on their big annual production.

      I started costuming at a young age, making costumes for my cousins and
      brothers. Whenever our families got together, I'd write up a skit that
      we'd perform for them. My dolls also got their own costumes from me.

      Ron's a Senior Engineer for Teradyne, Inc., and Treasurer for the New
      England Institute for Theatre Technology. I'm a volunteer on staff for
      the Sudbury Savoyards, the New England Gilbert & Sullivan Society, and a
      member of Arlington, MA's Commission on Disability.
      Janice Dallas
      Boston,MA area, USA
      "Just so, the girl has beauty, virtue, wit..."
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