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  • colleency
    Apr 1 8:31 AM
      That's a great idea, Heather!

      My name is Colleen Crosby. I'm the current Vice President of CGW,
      and I'm in charge of event coordination for CGW.

      Friends have been bugging me to go to Costume College ever since it
      started, but I didn't make it until about three years ago when I won
      a membership to Costume College and a CGW membership from the LA
      County Fair for a Cancan costume.

      I've sloooowly taught myself to sew since I was about 20, starting
      with Halloween costumes, moving through Ren Faire and science
      fiction conventions, and now I do historical as well.

      Due to my husband's passion for Star Wars, I've made several Jedi
      costumes. I like the sort of kamikaze costuming that you find in SF.
      I'm partial to historical costumes from 1850-1950, but I seem to
      keep returning to 1930's recently.

      With my stint as Vice President, I'm hoping to get some really great
      events going like the ones that we see some of our sister guild
      doing: costumed strolls, picnics, and (outside of costume college)
      workshops. If you have any ideas or would like to run an event,
      please let me know!

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