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3Re: [CGWcostumers] Laughing Moon 107

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  • Rebecca Rowan
    Mar 31, 2008
      That does help.  I've got a feeling that part of my problem is I want to have this done by CC26 and I've had it cut out since November and it's just not going as quickly as I thought it would....You know?

      thanks fo showing me this link.  I'll bookmark it so that anytime I need to figure something out, maybe they can help me...

      Oh, and yes, it was the Men's Victorian/Edwardian shirt pattern.  I've also cut out LM #106 and 109 plus for me #103. 

      On Mon, Mar 31, 2008 at 2:49 AM, Heather Pritchett <casket_girl@...> wrote:

      Hi Rebecca.

      This is the Men's Victorian/Edwardian shirt pattern, right?

      I haven't made that one, but I'm pretty familiar with a few other Laughing Moon patterns. I could probably help "translate" the instructions. The seam you're describing sounds like a flat-felled seam. I have a sewing book (New Complete Guide to Sewing) that has a nice pictorial description. I tried to find something similar on the web and found this video that uses a men's shirt as an example:


      Hope it helps!


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      curious to know if anyone has ever made the above mentioned pattern?
      I'm running into questions that I'm not sure. I think I'm getting it
      together all right but not sure about it.

      I'm not quite understanding what they want me to do with the seams. I
      take I'm to trim one side and then fold the other side over and sew it
      down? And I think I've got the placket on the wrong side. Oh, well.

      Any help or suggestions welcomed.

      Rebecca Rowan
      (310) 710-3291

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