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  • kittenfu1
    Sep 3, 2012
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      Shoe stretching:
      I have good results with a mixture of Isopropyl Alcohol and water (some say even amounts some say 3:1 going either way), the best is to mix in a spray bottle that has a light 'misting' spray lightly from the inside where shoes are tight. Then wear the shoes when NOT walking till dry (this can be done while sitting at the computer). Stretch the shoes gradually. Also don't hesitate to order a pair of (wooden & metal only) shoe trees. You can get them on Amazon or from a shoe repair. Keep shoes someplace out of drafts and light, take them out and clean them with leather conditioner once a year as leather dries and shrinks out over time. This is the reason that vintage shoes are so hard to fit, both shrinkage and changes in shoe sizing and shapes over time. Finally, don't forget what our grandmother did, stuff (and I do mean stuff) your shoes with newspaper or tissue paper if you have it. once you have the shoe filled, you can use this mold of paper indefinitely.

      For tight leather opera gloves, I agree if they can't be put on -don't. However you can do as ladies did in the past and use talcum powder to help you slip them on.
      If they are hard to get on but you can wear them, the put them on (no powder is better for this). Then use a leather conditioner/cleaner (Don't forget to test some of it on the gloves in a tiny spot and wait till dry to make sure you don't get a color change before you start) and smooth it over the gloves where tight - use sparingly!! Put in a costume drama, flex your hand a BIT every NOW and THEN and wait till completely dry. Store the gloves in a closed acid free box.

      Cleaning gloves:
      Clean tight gloves while wearing them only! Fabric can be cleaned in cold water with a mild soap - rinse three times, dry lightly with a towel and again wear till dry if they are tight on you.

      Leather gloves: like shoes dry using a clean soft brush first, second dabbing with a very lightly damp with 50?50 water and alcohol, very clean white cloth just on the spots, third using a soft clean brush (like a child's toothbrush) with leather conditioner/cleaner gently and it is better to make a few passes than to distress the leather with overwork.

      Hope this is helpful

      --- In CGWcostumers@yahoogroups.com, Linda Abrams <lasprite@...> wrote:
      > The shoe stretch spray that I have is called "Expert's Choice Shoe
      > Stretch Spray" and the package says it is by Adcor Products, Brea, CA
      > 92821. However the bottle itself says Adcor Products, Inc., Orange,
      > CA 92667
      > HTH,
      > Linda
      > g
      > Re: cleaning methods? (gloves, fur)
      > Tue Aug 28, 2012 8:40 pm (PDT) . Posted by:
      > "cra2@..." cra2cgw
      > I, too, have white leather gloves that are too small [funny, I don't buy
      > shoes that don't fit, why can't I resist vintage gloves?]. Where does
      > one get
      > leather stretch? And has anyone tried the alcohol stretch on shoes or
      > gloves? Thanks. Cheryl
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