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2529Where is the April Squeals!?

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  • hazelchaz
    Apr 1, 2012
      Well, it's right here on my computer, I'm in the last stage. In fact I start printing tonight, and I intend to stay up late and finish editing & printing it Monday night. Tuesday it should get mailed.

      But I thought I would reassure everyone, who remembers last year's April issue: There's no half-naked man on the front. There's no memorial pages to dampen the fun, or to get diminished by the April Foolery.

      In fact, the cover photo article on page 2 actually talks about how the costumes were made, and they are real costumes. Construction technique is discussed, including the technique of mixing fabric paint and liquid latex for a particular effect.

      Inside, once you get past the April Foolishness, we have a bunch of solid articles that I think you'll like, including two 2-page spreads and the first installment of Mette's feature article.

      So while I am late, again, with your newsletter, I think you'll appreciate the result when it finally drags itself to your mailbox.

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