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127[CGWcostumers] Producer in NY looking for an Historian

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  • Dean Of Costume College
    Sep 4, 2008
      Dear Costumers,
      There is a Producer in New York looking for an Historian to help host a series on The History Channel website.  He contacted me through Costume College and I wanted to put the word out in case we have some NY members who might be interested in getting his information.  Here is what he sent to me:
      "9/2/08 - My name's Doug Yuan- I'm a producer at The History Channel.  We're producing a series of Halloween web pieces for History.com about historical costumes, and how they're sometimes done right and sometimes done wrong (i.e. Abraham Lincoln, Pilgrims, Napoleon, etc.).  We're looking for a hip, energetic, knowledgeable on-camera host to be our "authority" about costume historical accuracy.   The host needs to have an understanding of historical costumes/fashion.  We're looking to shoot on location in NY sometime in the next week and a half."
      Please let me know if you are interested and I will send you his information.  Email me individually at costumecollegedean@... instead of hitting reply please.  Thank you!



      Maegen Hensley
      Dean of Costume College® 09

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