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Eyepiece Calculator - does Celestron or SkyWatcher handset have one? Hi, I am used to using the Meade AutoStar with it's built in Eyepiece Calculator (tells you what magnification etc you are at when you tell it what eyepiece
Apr 5
Re: Mounting Adapter Bar - what exactly is it for? Sounds like it's just a short dovetail.  Whatever you can attach with the holes in it can be put on the CG5 - small refractor, camera mount, etc.  Those
edward magowan
Apr 1
Re: Mounting Adapter Bar - what exactly is it for? Hi I have an ASGT and bought it used. My guess is that you have a dovetail sliding bar that may be used with a telescope. The bar that came with my CG5 (not
wes bolin
Apr 1
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Mounting Adapter Bar - what exactly is it for? Hi everyone, I just took delivery of my first ever equatorial mount the CG-5 ASGT, and it came with what Celestron called a "Mounting Adapter Bar". What is
Apr 1
Re: GC5-GT doesn't move West of the index mark any more phewww, the problem is not the mount! Edward, you were right. I just tested it again and it looks like the mount just thought it was already pointing 90
Mar 6
seized up Last night was the first good viewing night in weeks. Set up went well - 2-align; 4 calib and polar align. Slewed to m81 - perfect. Tried to slew to Dubhe to
Mar 6
Re: GC5-GT doesn't move West of the index mark any more Thanks Edward. I went through the initial setup (time, date, location) and then the 2-star alignment but just accepted whereever it slewed for each star (it
Christian Guenther
Mar 5
Re: GC5-GT doesn't move West of the index mark any more Did you do a new alignment or wake it from hibernation?  Sounds like it thinks it is at its limit.  Ensure your location is still correct also. Sent from
Mar 5
GC5-GT doesn't move West of the index mark any more Hi, I have been reading this group for a while now but this is my first post. I have had my GC5-GT for a few years now and it has served me well on a tripod in
Mar 5
New here and looking for a 2nd hand mount Hi all, 3 years ago I had abandoned the astronomy world, because my entire equipment, except my skypod and pier was stolen. But now ... i'm thinking of
Feb 27
Looking for Celestron Aux Port Extender Looking for anyone who may have a Celestron Aux Port Extender they would be willing to part with
Feb 25
Re: Scott Boyd Do NOT click that link... Christopher Erickson Consulting Engineer Summit Kinetics Waikoloa, HI 96738 www.summitkinetics.com _____ From: CG5@yahoogroups.com
Christopher Erickson
Feb 19
Scott Boyd  http://www.mcsa34.com/prbjpnwk/rnlihpssouzrh.php
    Scott Boyd
    Feb 19
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    Re: CG 5 power problem Yup, that switch has always been a weak spot.  I soldered the switch on one of my CG5's a couple years ago.  On the other mount I turned the switch on when I
    edward magowan
    Feb 11
    Re: CG 5 power problem I finally got the power cord that was backordered since November and installed the new power board. The red light came on when we connected power but the
    Feb 11
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    Re: Damaged RA worm ... Hi I picked up some CG5 spares on ebay several months ago including RA & DEC wheels and worms. However I live in the UK so the postage may be prohibitive
    Feb 4
    Damaged RA worm I accidentally got grease on the RA clutch plate, so the clutches were slipping in RA when locked down. I disassembled the mount and cleaned the plates but
    Feb 4
    NexRemote Cannot Create Virtual Com Port Hi With my CG5/ASGT. Hi, I haven't used my Celestron for quite some time but I have run it hundreds of times. I set it up before heading to a remote site and
    Jan 20
    Re: screws for dovetail Take care the lenght screws you are putting. I had some bit dopped inside te OTA, and perhaps I need to unmount to clean. Miguel.
    Jan 3
    screws for dovetail I'm not sure if someone can help me. I am getting a Celestron guide scope 80mm and was trying to attach my orange dovetail on top of my C11 OTA and noticed my
    Don Curry
    Dec 31, 2013
    Re: CG 5 power problem Let us know how easy it is to replace and how it works. Wes On Tuesday, November 26, 2013 3:48 PM, "mkozicdds@..." wrote:  I ordered
    Wes Bolin
    Nov 26, 2013
    Re: CG 5 power problem I ordered new board and power cord. I'm afraid of power surges. thanks mike ... The power board is available from Celestron for $20 plus shipping. If you can
    Nov 26, 2013
    Re: CG 5 power problem The power board is available from Celestron for $20 plus shipping. If you can find a replacement switch and have good desoldering skills, then you can simply
    Nov 25, 2013
    Re: CG 5 power problem thanks I was going to just jump the switch with a wire. I can't see why using the power cord as an on/off switch would screw up the hibernate function. I
    Nov 25, 2013
    Re: CG 5 power problem That switch is a weak spot on the CG5 and prone to failure. I jumpered the switch on one of my CG5's when it failed, on the other one I turned to switch to
    Nov 24, 2013
    Re: CG 5 power problem I have the same mount.  I suggest either replacing the switch or bypassing it with another switch. The reason I say this is:   Wanted to hibernate the
    Wes Bolin
    Nov 24, 2013
    CG 5 power problem Pluged my CG5 mout into my cord and no power. Was at star party and used my 2 batteries, no power. Friend had same scope and tried his power cord and
    Nov 24, 2013
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    Re: RA Slew Limits I was afraid of that, but thanks for confirming it Stan. Might just give me the excuse I need to buy the AVX! David
    Sep 17, 2013
    Re: RA Slew Limits darcopro, The -6º is the limit for the CG-5. The -20º limit on the CGEM is one of the improvements over the CG-5 mount. The RA limits on the new AVX mount is
    Sep 16, 2013
    RA Slew Limits The east and west RA slew limits appear to be limited to minus 06 degrees from horizontal. Is there any way to set the limit to minus 20 degrees? According to
    Sep 8, 2013
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