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Re: CPM a question,please help me!

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  • dax@linet.it
    ... Thanks, and Hi to ALL ! ... Geiger ... large ... 100 ... pay ... Now i have understand perfectly! Many Thanks. ... gas ... Yes,i ll coming to Hunt ;-)
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 1, 2000
      > Welcome to the group!

      Thanks, and Hi to ALL !

      > Creating a mR/Hr to CPM guide depends mostly on what kind of
      > counter tube is being used. A small tube is less sensitive than a
      > tube. 100 CPM in a 5cm pancake probe is probably background, but
      > CPM in a "peanut" tube (1cm diameter by 2.5cm long) is something to
      > attention to. Each meter and probe would have to have its own
      > calibration.

      Now i have understand perfectly!
      Many Thanks.

      > Good hunting. Try locations near volcanoes and hot springs. The
      > vents should be rich in radon.

      Yes,i'll coming to Hunt ;-)
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