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Re: ouch I know this is an off topic post, however the S & W 500 is probably the toughest handgun ever built. An acquaintance of mine was a firearms distributer in
Chris Cavanaugh
10:30 PM
Homemade X-Rays Does anyone have experience building a homemade x- ray machine? I'm thinking of trying to do so myself.
Hunter Compton
8:47 PM
Re: ouch A 50 cal. round soils the barrel of the weapon. You are only supposed to fire a couple a rounds before cleaning and inspecting it. If it ever misfires it needs
David Nix
8:41 PM
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Re: ouch Pretty stupid and mean to do that to someone, especially with an automatic. I remember when I was a scrawny kid at 12 years old, my dad thought it would be
C. R.
8:16 PM
ouch This happened at the gun range across the street from my house- I heard the shots. http://bearingarms.com/negligent-suicide-with-a-500-smith-wesson-revolver/
7:21 PM
Re: New file uploaded to CDV700CLUB I assume that you lowered the HV in some way.....the 107C is a 900 volt unit. Also, it did not use a 1B86(that's a little glass GM tube generally used in
8:32 AM
Re: New file uploaded to CDV700CLUB In a message dated 4/22/2014 10:47:02 P.M. Central Daylight Time, CDV700CLUB@yahoogroups.com writes: Hello, This email message is a notification to let you
7:32 AM
Re: Jump on this someone! Hi Warren, I don't think it was a rant, It's useful information and a good "heads-up". I'm sure many poeple who use the 14 and 40kV models without problems
Apr 23
Re: Jump on this someone! Sorry I didn't specifi the one I was attempting to use was an 80k-6. I should have researched the others before ranting.  ... From: robert8rpi@...
Warren Crook III
Apr 23
Re: Bitten I'm sorry, it's to late for you. You've got the bug, it's terminal, i'm afraid. Just be honest with antique dealers. Tell them what you're doing right off the
Robert Druecker
Apr 23
Re: Bitten You've already found your support group(s). One way you can get your wife interested is to take her along to an antique store/mall. While she's browsing
C. R.
Apr 23
Re: Bitten Dear Andrew, Seek out Geo -- he will provide the diagnosis and prognosis... ~ Cliff P.S.: Glad you liked the posting of Doug Moore's journal regarding
Apr 23
Bitten To whom it my concern; I find myself wondering if there is a support group for counter addicts, I can't stop buying them and making them work again. My wife
Apr 22
Re: New file uploaded to CDV700CLUB WoW....this is a fantastic document! Thank you for posting....it's got a clear schematic of the 107C! I just got my 107C working using a SBM20 (1B86
Andrew Spurgeon
Apr 22
Re: Jump on this someone! Hi Warren, Which Fluke HV probe are you refering to as being too much load? Apart from the little 6kV one (80K-6) which is 75M, all the Fluke probes such as
Apr 22
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New file uploaded to CDV700CLUB Hello, This email message is a notification to let you know that a file has been uploaded to the Files area of the CDV700CLUB group. File : /Cliff's
Apr 22
Re: Jump on this someone! My experience has tought me though I should have listened better to the group always rework the hv even if it tests okay, And a fluke  hv probe puts too much
Warren Crook III
Apr 22
Re: Jump on this someone! Yeah looks like it can be cleaned up with a brass brush maybe on the corrosion. The smaller case on the Anton model 5 is pretty cool but harder to take apart.
C. R.
Apr 22
Re: Jump on this someone! -- /// -- So, who got the ANTON-CDV-700- Sorry,  I did lots of counters no tubes or good cans Thanks for the tip Warren ... From: Defender Date:04/22/2014 6:16 PM (GMT-06:00)
Warren Crook III
Apr 22
Re: Jump on this someone! -- /// -- So, who got the ANTON-CDV-700- Dear David, et al.; The suspense is killing me... So, who got it? Thanks. ~ Cliff
Apr 22
Jump on this someone! http://www.ebay.com/itm/ANTON-CDV-700-MODEL-6-GEIGER-COUNTER-with-Spare-Anton-Tube-/201077622490?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2ed12906da Two tubes and a
David Nix
Apr 22
Re: What am I doing wrong here? [2 Attachments] The 705 has Robert's Pic Scaler module in it. The Pulser is the black plastic box which is driving the 700's meter and the PIC digital meter at the same time.
Apr 22
Re: What am I doing wrong here? [2 Attachments] Sweet. It would be nice to use dosimeter cases, except they don't have the clips to hold it to the CDV. ... On Mon, 4/21/14, loughlin3@...
David Nix
Apr 22
Re: What am I doing wrong here? Hi Larry, Good question. The reason is accuracy. This is a calibrator so we want it to be at least 3, preferably 10 times as "good" (accurate, precise,
Apr 22
Re: Dogpile on the dosimeter! I do plan on testing most of those red/orange items to see which ones put out more gamma... which should be an indication of natural U. I think it's pretty
C. R.
Apr 22
Re: Dogpile on the dosimeter! [1 Attachment] Hmm...I'm impressed with your madness :o) A good question on the natural U, any good ways to figure out which piece do/don't have natural. I know they
Andrew Spurgeon
Apr 22
Dogpile on the dosimeter! So I just did a test on the recently repaired Canberra MRAD113 for one hour between my hottest fiesta saucer and oxford bowl, with lots of other fiesta items
C. R.
Apr 22
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Re: What am I doing wrong here? Been busy with the newly received Canberra dosimeter repairs, (bad power switch membrane adhesive/tape) but wanted to thank you for your excellent
C. R.
Apr 21
Re: What am I doing wrong here? Dave, GCE Pg 2, Msg 60604.
Apr 21
Re: What am I doing wrong here? *Raises his hand to ask a question* Mike I'm very old skool- this new CMOS chip is definitely the cat's meow for timing pulses but,,,why didn't you use a 555
Apr 21
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