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Re: 712 vs 6993 The 712 is a small tube, and probably one that they sell large quantities of, which possibly explains the pricing.
8:57 PM
Re: eBay gieger tube bargains I know that...I was not the one who mentioned it....I just noted that the guy who DID mention it said "This is an LND 712 a/b/g end window tube assembled into
8:55 PM
Re: 6993's sent out today Dear Larry, The Anton 6993 G.M. tube arrived safe and sound. I tested it in my Victoreen CD V-700 model 6b and it seemed to have exactly the same response as
7:05 PM
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Re: used 6993 by another name Dear David, Yep, I saw that one... But, if you run into a great deal on the *CD V-700RP Replacement Probe,* please let me know. I haven't seen a good deal in
6:40 PM
Re: eBay gieger tube bargains Dear MK, et al.; That's Atomic Dave's Geiger Cane. He's a member of our groups... ~ Cliff
6:37 PM
712 vs 6993 Why is the 712 so cheap compared to what they want for a 720? If you can actually get them for that price, that would be a steal. ... On Fri, 4/18/14, M K
David Nix
6:32 PM
Re: commitment on LND720'S/ no thanks Guys, remember that patience can net big bargains on eBay. An example....I picked up a NEW LND 7311 for $75.00. This was in the usual rectangular LND box, and
6:31 PM
Re: eBay gieger tube bargains The LND 712 is about $70.00 direct from LND, so the tube is not worth "almost as much" as a $275.00 GC. However, if you NEED(or just WANT) a stealth GC, this
6:23 PM
used 6993 by another name http://www.ebay.com/itm/EON-CDV-700-GM-TUBE-/201074579893?pt=BI_Security_Fire_Protection&hash=item2ed0fa99b5 auction ends in 19 hours.
David Nix
6:21 PM
eBay gieger tube bargains http://www.ebay.com/itm/GEIGER-CANE-W-Alpha-Beta-Gamma-LND712-Tube-Silent-Alarm-Vibrating-Handle-/221404701331?pt=BI_Security_Fire_Protection&hash=item338cbfa2
David Nix
6:16 PM
Re: commitment on LND720'S/ no thanks [1 Attachment] Yes, that was what I got for $165 on eBay. New/old stock. Someone in Idaho got a gov't surplus auction and didn't know what they had. I regret only buying one.
David Nix
5:38 PM
Re: commitment on LND720'S/ no thanks Dear Larry, David, et al.; ... Subject: [CDV700CLUB] RE: commitment on LND720'S/ no thanks Date: Fri, 18 Apr 2014 04:53:42 -0700 (PDT) From: David Nix
4:56 PM
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Re: commitment on LND720'S/ no thanks *Rolls eyes like slot machine wheels* It's an offer, not a lifelong commitment like herpes! If you wanted a NEW probe for these old machines that was the
1:21 PM
Re: commitment on LND720'S/ no thanks Wow, thats great! I'm happy for you! You'd rather pay $165 plus shipping for a questionable tube vs. a known factory new that would last another 50 years.
1:18 PM
Re: commitment on LND720'S/ no thanks I can't buy at that price either, particularity for what would be spares for my spares. Robert8rpi at GCE posted a new circuit for a voltage drop circuit for
5:43 AM
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Re: commitment on LND720'S/ no thanks Like I said in an earlier email, I'm not interested in a tube for $150, even if it is new. I bought a CDV-700RP new from eBay for $165. You just need to keep
David Nix
4:56 AM
Re: Need a firm commitment on LND720'S Well your diet is about the same as my refugees. Try Jasmine rice, 50 lb bag around $30.00. Most households have a bag on hand, I see the bags in the halls.
Robert Druecker
4:27 AM
Re: Need a firm commitment on LND720'S Larry which email should I save to contact you at... I have three email addresses for you! ha ha. My reply might have got lost in the shuffle but I really
C. R.
Apr 18
Re: Need a firm commitment on LND720'S 1)David, I need a personal check for $185- if the check bounces I'm not paying the banks fee thats why the initial price is so high. Any excess cash would be
Apr 18
SI28BG on eBay There were 4. I got the last one for $20. It runs on the same voltage as the 6993 and looks like it might even fit. The 28 does not seem to be common.
David Nix
Apr 17
Thanks to Larry for that 6993. Just wanted to say thanks Larry. Very kind of you. Tube arrived safe and sound. And thanks to the original benefactor as well. I think it was Rob? Much
C. R.
Apr 17
Re: CDV-705 on eBay Nice buy! I bought a 705 in the box a few years back. It was described as non-working and I still paid about what you did. Luckily all it needed was working
Apr 16
Re: CDV-705 on eBay Nice find! Yeah I see some of the prices for those 705's and just roll my eyes in disbelief. Can't believe that's the best they could come up with back in
C. R.
Apr 16
CDV-705 on eBay I just saw a new list for a Vic with a 705. $85 including shipping. I jumped on it. The pic had the speaker mounted and facing away from view. There were so
David Nix
Apr 16
Re: [GeigerCounterEnthusiasts] Re: I NEED A FIRM COMMITMENT-LND720's I have retrofitted a Russian pancake into the 44-9 probe handle. you have to make a spacer type washer, because the "Russian has a higher profile of almost
Robert Druecker
Apr 16
Re: [GeigerCounterEnthusiasts] Re: I NEED A FIRM COMMITMENT-LND720's Yeah the video was just a similar one i saw on youtube from months ago (unrelated to the auction). Wondered then and wondered now when I saw another one on
C. R.
Apr 16
Re: [GeigerCounterEnthusiasts] Re: I NEED A FIRM COMMITMENT-LND720's Dear Chris, In a contemporary American probe the original pancake detector tube would have a super thin opaque coating on the mica window -- a DAG coating
Apr 16
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Re: [GeigerCounterEnthusiasts] Re: I NEED A FIRM COMMITMENT-LND720's Sorry it was my fault for mentioning pancakes. Didn't mean to muddy the waters. Want a cheap pancake probe? If anyone is looking for an affordable pancake
C. R.
Apr 16
Re: BULK PURCHASE OF LND720'S APPROVED For now, I'm not able to afford to front the money, even if it were 50% off I would have a hard time with it right now. Originally I thought it wasn't gonna
C. R.
Apr 16
Re: BULK PURCHASE OF LND720'S APPROVED I'm glad you asked! Those are very valid questions: 1)If I accept a private check and it bounces I have to pay $35. Thats why the price of the check is
Apr 15
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