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Rawdon Tournament HTQ

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  • carlo.bossio
    Well, 25 were in the house on Saturday July 24th. Another great day of Table hockey with 6 kids under 13 enjoying themselves like crazy (the adults as well). C
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 25, 2010
      Well, 25 were in the house on Saturday July 24th. Another great day of Table hockey with 6 kids under 13 enjoying themselves like crazy (the adults as well).

      C Division winner was Tierri Douville (Drummondville's Kids div winner and a futur star).

      In the all kids div, Dominic Teoli won it all, another under 10 year old.

      The B div winner was Dominic's dad, Tony Teoli who won it all, many series in the B pool went the limit. Remember, HTQ now plays best of 5 series, only when you loose a series does your next ones become best of 3's. For the kids division, (depending on their energy levels as these are long days and too much is like not enough) kids play best of 3's and sometimes 1 game ellimination.

      Finally in the A division the battles were crazy hard. After a no surprise 1st round where Carlo (1), Pat (2) and Sam (3) all won their series, in order vs Jean, Martin D and Denis G, we were waiting on the 4 vs 5 seed to finish their battle. Michel Decarie vs Eric Larochelle. Eric wins game 1, 5-3 then blows a 2 goal lead under 30 sec to loose 5-6. Blows a 3-0 lead to lose 3-4 in ot but Eric wins a thriller 3-2 to send it to the limit. Down 2-3 E ties it up with under 30 to go. Michel scores on the buzzered, NO GOAL! Ot see's Eric win on his 1st possesion, WOW!!!!

      Carlo vs Eric, Pat Vs Sam:

      Carlo wins 5-2, then E wins 5-3, then Carlo 5-3 then E 5-4, Scie Saw all the way. A game 5 thrillr see's Carlo score the 1st goal with only 2 min left. Under 30 sec Eric opens the machine thus taking chances, result, 3-0 Carlo win!

      Pat wins over Sam 7-3, 5-7, 9-4, 8-2. Scores in game 3 and 4 don't reflect the game. Example, Pat leads 4-3, under 1 min Sam gets in and out, final score 9-4!!!! Game 4 was much of the same!

      3rd place battle sees Sam win over Eric 3-7, 6-2 and 3-2 with a goal at the very last second!!!! Eric takes all his 3 series to the Limit, Wow!!!!

      Carlo vs Pat for the final dance. Carlo takes a quick 4-1 lead, 3 min left decides to relax and prepare the next game, result, 9-6 beating, Pat wins! Game 2, repeat, takes a quick 4-0 lead but completely shuts it down, result 5-1 win. Tied at 1 Pat picks apart Carlo with 6 pico shoots to win 7-3, wow what an idiot, brain cramp forsure, okay he was precise but still, WAKE UP, 6 same goals really a true Begginer!

      Determined to stop the stupidity I closed that door but had to try something new offensively cus nothing was working, tried a fake pic right wing fake, slow high pass ram and drive hard to the net (a play I basically almost never use cause I send it directly middle net or in the boards) result, score 5 like that and win 6-3!!!! So not sure why all of a sudden they are deciding to go in, I basically just go with it in game 5 in case it works, result another 4 goals like that go in. Final score, 6-2 Carlo win in the final game 5 series. Pat wasn't able to adapt in time, what a BATTLE!

      The seasons 1st event went down like butter, very smooth with a pic-nik like b.b.q, baseball in the back yard kids screaming, fun ambiance, a real success. Hopefully many of you will join us in Montreal on Sept 18th to play in the NHL of TH. We have the top players, the Juniors, the begginers, the kids, a place for everyone to have a great day playing this wonderful sport.

      See you all soon.

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