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Who Won the Quebec Tournament???

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  • colecojohnny
    Who won the big Quebec tournament??
    Message 1 of 2 , May 24, 2010
      Who won the big Quebec tournament??
    • Carlo Bossio
      25 participants finally made the big dance. Also 4 kids in the kids Division which saw Michel Decarie s son beat Denis Begin s son 4-2 in a 1 game finals.
      Message 2 of 2 , May 24, 2010
        25 participants finally made the big dance. Also 4 kids in the kids Division which saw Michel Decarie's son beat Denis Begin's son 4-2 in a 1 game finals. Bravo.
        After all was said and done, 2 round robins and all, 14 made the A div and by adding our kids champion, 12 made the B div.
        Carlo was on fire finishing in 1st with only 1 loose in each round, Sam 2nd, Eric was hot as well rounding the top 3.
        Gino had a terrible start finishing 11th, so why talk aboutr him, AH YOU WILL SEE!!!!
        1st round the top 2 had a bye. Eric was down against the 14th seed Remi Lemieux 1 game to none. Won game 2 in ot and game 3, ah game 3!!!!!
        Okay back to Gino, as a punishment for finishing 11th, he drew Dany Leclerc in round 1 who had finished 6th. Dany wins 1st game in ot. Game 2 Dany leads 2-0, then 4-2 only to loose in ot and then loose game 3 by a score of 4-2. No upsets other than 11 winning over 6 so if Remi does not pull off and upset over Eric, Carlo will face Gino in 2nd round. Imagine this, I am scedualed to ref game 3!
        Okay here we go, I like Eric but secretly I am hoping for a Remi win. 1, 2, 3, 4 and then 5-0 Remi. Are you kidding me! WOW. 1 minute and a half to go, 5-1, whatever. Then 2 then 3. Ttime out 31 seconds left Remi's call, I am sweating a little by now! Start, 20sec 5-4, 10 sec 5-5!!!! Ot, 2 minutes in, Eric completes the comebace, DAMIT!!!!
        There goes my tournament, after a 5-3 win I get creamed 7-4 and 5-1!!!!
        So Gino vs Sam and other semi, Eric vs Pat. The Gino show continues and wins 4-3, 4-3 to secure his 2nd spot in the HTQ ranking as it was up between Sam and Gino. Other semi saw Pat win 8-4 and 4-3 I beleive.
        For 3rd place, Sam wins in 2, with a last 31 seconds 0-2 comeback to win 3-2 with 6 seconds left, what goes around comes around for Eric, haha.
        Gino Pat in finals, Pat wins in ot 8-7 after lossing a 6-2 lead. Gino says he will shut him down game 2, result, 6-0 Gino win. Game 3, 8-6 Gino. Game 4, I beleive it was by 1 goal a Pat win so an ultimate game 5. Gino up 6-3 10 seconds left, final score, 6-5 with a dangerouse shot at the end that could have easily tied it!!!
        Okay, now I ask you, when was the last time you saw a guy winning a tournament were he had to take out first the 5th seed, than the 1st, than the 3rd and finish it off with the 4th when he himself was seeded 2nd!!!
        Unbeleivable WOW congrates bros I think this is the best I'v seen in table hockey!
        With this great finish, the Bossio brothers finish an impressive 1-2 for the 1st time in our 4 years Hockey Sur Table History. Really cool, yes I finished 1st but his overall record was more impressive than mine.
        Gino 1-1-3-3, Carlo 1-1-2-5.
        It was great seeing everyone again and some new guys, everyone there had a great time, sorry for those who couldn't make it, hope to see you again sometime soon.
        Thanks to Burt and the crew for an amazing organisation once again, I beleive the best one yet, even had the Hawks game on!
        Check out the complete stats coming soon on www.hockeysurtablequebec.com to see the B and C div winners along with all the complete scores.
        Love you guys and see you soon.


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        Who won the big Quebec tournament??

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