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  • carlo.bossio
    Hello all, just a word to let everyone know our 18th season has come to an end. This was a year of 1st. Imagine, Gino Bossio finally got his 1st Season s
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 30, 2010
      Hello all, just a word to let everyone know our 18th season has come to an end. This was a year of 1st. Imagine, Gino Bossio finally got his 1st Season's Championship win, wow! As great a player as he is, this was his first, unreal! As for the play-offs, Carlo Bossio missed his 1st finals in 18 seasons!!!!

      Talking about the play-offs, Patrick Cote took Carlo out in 5 with 2 complete beatings! While Gino had his hands full with Dany Leclerc who took him out in 6. So no Bossio's in the finals, a 1st!

      Patrick finally won in 4 but all 4 in OT with all 4 games seeing 3 and 4 goal comebacks in the the last minute, WOW, too bad Dany didn't get 1 or even 2 of those wins, it would have been even more incredible to see that series continue, real fun to watch.

      21 players attended this season, 13 were eligible to take part in the play-offs and 11 were actually able to make it. We are very fortunate to have such a great group of guys, I truly apreciate each and everyone of you. Hopefully many of you if not all can be there again come September and hopefully the one's that have missed the last season's will come again to check out the new formats and decor, real fun.

      Special thanks to Ajit Sarma who all the way from LA was able to attend our last season's meeting. Also, he was nice enouph to invite me to the Hotel where he was staying for the week on buisness. He had his great original Coleco game, puck dropper and all (which by the way I find completely amazing!!!!) and we had ourselves a best of 7. He beat me game 2 in ot and was screaming of joy running around in the room, it was great. Thanks for the fun time AJ.

      Special thanks as well to Chris George who invited me to a Habs game. Finally after all these month's, I was able to get free to go see 1!!!! Unfortunately for me, it must have been the most boring game of the season, a 2-0 lost to Ottawa, a real snore! That beeing said, it was still great to see you again, chat and have a few laugh's. Hope to see you again at some league meetings next season and our tournaments.

      Keep playing folks, whether it be Stiga, PP2, Coleco, Benej etc etc (5340 real popular in the New York area) have fun.

      Hopefully one day we can have a sort of Master's cup or something, celebrating all our boards on 1 mega tournament once a year. Sort of braggings rights on who is the top NA TH player of that said year. Could be fun playing different players on different boards. One can dream. :-)

      PS: If someone wishes to copy past this on Heaven, you have my permission. Let people know around the table hockey world we actually exist and are going strong. If not, well to bad for me I guess, but really too bad others don't get to hear about the biggest Table Hocket market really.

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