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Re: Tournament Formats

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  • canadahockeytable
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 28, 2010
      GO FOR IT I'M IN

      --- In ccth@yahoogroups.com, "superdave3n2" <superdave3n2@...> wrote:
      > Yesterday, on my way to Quebec, I was in discussion with the "Dakhorse" about how tournament attendance is dropping off. I summarized that the drop off is due to the attitudes of our members. What I mean by this, is we have had a tournament circuit now for the last ten years (Intense)
      > We have a player base of well over a hundred.
      > What, I've noticed is the number of participants at tournaments are declining due to the lack of ability to move up the rankings from the weaker players. Example, a competitor who is let say ranked 34th, would love to win a tournament but lacks the skill to get to the top and by all intense and purposes will never get there for what ever reason will finally realize that this is the truth and quits attending the tournaments. Thus we lose another player.
      > So, How do we rectify this problem. It's quite simple. We as organizers should have our ranking systems in place. Meaning each player is ranked by "A", "B", "C","D". Tournaments are set up in this fashion so that all the "A"s play for the title, "B"s play for there title and so on.
      > At the next tournament, a Player who has one his previous tournament in "B, "C", "D" can then opt into moving up to the next level. Personally I think this can work because now players show up knowing that they have a chance of winning in there class and not worried about getting humiliated by stronger players. This system, in my eyes could help build the TH Community.
      > I ran a soft ball league for years and we used this system to make teams fair through drft procedures. We all know who the "A" players are and the "B"s, "C"s, and "D"s.
      > Let me know what you think.
      > Dave
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