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  • carlo bossio
    Nicely said Greg, be careful what we wish for, that s easy, we wish to have another great player join us on the circuit and yes even if it means he could win
    Message 1 of 7 , Mar 31, 2008
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      Nicely said Greg, be careful what we wish for, that's easy, we wish to have another great player join us on the circuit and yes even if it means he could win it all, here in Quebec (andhopefully it is the same everywhere else) we are always excited when anyone joins us let alone an amazing player.
      Hey I have won 8 of 9 events including the last 7 in a row and this with ALL the best players under the same roof so eventually I will lose that's for sure, the question is against who???? Will it be Kenny, Martin, Burt, Dave, Patrick, Gino or other????
      The only one to do so is Gino in the semi's of the first MTL Classic back in 2005.
      Lets have some fun boys, play, play, play. :-) 

      sabre virginia <sabre_in_virginia@...> wrote:
      First, hearty congratulations to Kraehling and Dubois on a great championship series and on each of their championships, coleco and stiga.
      I could stay out of this, but then what fun would that be? Ha.
      If I compared what I see in Kenny on the coleco to what I've seen or experienced in Quebec to art or music...Quebec has mastered the staccato..angular movements or medium and strong brushstrokes. Kenny has a roundness, a flourishing swirl and intricacy to his play with a deftness in his touch. I saw one play in particular that Dubois makes and is in the process of mastering on the coleco board that I have not seen one, zero, coleco players try or make on it. I was immediately reminded of Gilbert Perrault's moves. I watch for nuances. But Kenny sees much deeper and more broadly, nuances in the nuances.
      Can he beat the creme of Quebec right now consistently? We know that answer. I could say be careful who you challenge or wish for. But, I know you guys would welcome that challenge. And, that's a great attitude and good for the sport. Should Kenny devote even more time to mastering the Coleco, it would broaden and deepen the quality of play for everyone who would study him.
      Speaking for myself, just watching the few minutes of video I have had time to watch of you guys in Quebec has helped my play. "Merci beaucoup." I beat Lou once in thirteen regular season games last year, 1/13. I beat him both times on Saturday and also in Gatineau, so that's three straight just recently. I kept it close with Kraehling who had no goals deep into the fourth minute of Game One, until he did what he lives for...winning at the end. I'll have to check the scores when they come out, but I kept it a one goal game in another with Dave.
      I was ranked below #46 in Quebec at one time. I've risen to #30, thanks to you guys. I think had the ATHL playoffs been this past Sunday, my having played in Detroit on Friday, NYC on Saturday and Montreal on Sunday...someone in Montreal would have lost to me that didn't expect it. I felt that confident. And, normally I know when I go there to accept my butt whooping but study, study. But, I felt very confident.
      By the way, speaking of introducing new plays or creative styles, I did see and personally experience Eric Desjardins, do a sweet three player passing play safely back to his Right D that I've not seen any coleco player do smoohly. Eric's play was very smooth. Also, Michel Decarie did a play against me in Montreal that I'd not seen done on coleco. I've scored a few of those since then. And, the Anoussis brothers...they play the style of hockey I used to play back in Buffalo in the 70's. I gotta remember how to do some of those backhanded pull-push plays. And, finally Carlo, geesh you have a magician's tool box full of plays. I learned one from watching it over and over and over on video. And, another you showed me first-hand.
      I raise my pint of beer and toast you all! Keep sharpening your skills and experimenting!

      carlo bossio <bossiocarlo@ yahoo.ca> wrote:
      To do that he will have to run over, Gino, Martin, Pat, You, Peden and ofcourse me just to name a few, I don't see it happening anytime soon just as I don't see anyone taking him out on Stiga anytime soon. A great player indeed but he will have to get going in playing on the Quebec tour if he wants to have any chance of winning a top notch Coleco 5380 event.
      Hopefully he will join us in Quebec city on May 18th.
      Congrates again on your win Dave.
      PS: Where did you end up finishing on Stiga?

      Dave Kraehling <superdave3n2@ yahoo.ca> wrote:
      Hey guys, If you haven't heard the results by now, here they are
      Game one was 5-3 for Kraehling
      Game two was 6-1 Kraehling
      Game three was 6-5 Dubois*
      Game four was 5-1 Dubois
      Game Five (Seven) 5-2 Kraehling**
      * In game 3, I was up 5-1 with a min. to go, Kenny scored with about 50 something seconds left to start a string of goals. I had mentioned before he scored his third goal that the tide was changing. His third goal confirmed it. He took a shot from his left defenseman that took a funny high bounce off the left glass and went into my net on the left of my goalie. On the ensuing face-off he scored a quick goal from his winger and the slide was on for me. Kenny ended the come from behind win with a goal with less than :06 seconds left. Feeling the agony of Sid syndrom...LOL, Kenny played me tough in the forth game, knowing I was in shock from his skillful comeback.
      ** In game Five, I was my jolly self again and jokingly commented that we were now playing Game Seven. As Bernie mentioned to me after he said I played the type of defense in the fifth game that he knew I was famous for. Very stingy on my defense and very controlled on my offense, frustrating Kenny on numerous occassions throughout the game.
      I do however acknowledge Kenny Dubois's talents as an all round table hockey player and I know it is a matter of time before he conquers this Coleco game.

      flyindutchman45 <sidkloosterman@ hotmail.com> wrote:
      Way to go, Dave! You put another feather in your cap and showed once
      again the strength of a Canadian table hockey player! P.S. Were you
      down in the series at any point? I ask because I know first hand how
      tough it is to finish you off!

      Cheers, Sid.

      --- In ccth@yahoogroups. com, "bossiocarlo" <bossiocarlo@ ...> wrote:
      > Dave Kraehling deafeats Ken Dubois 3 games - 2 to win the MOTOR CITY
      > 5380
      > Championship in Detroit!
      > Congrates to everyone, hope you enjoyed the games. We can be found at:
      > www.canadahockeytab le.com
      > PS: The winner (Dave) is currently ranked 5th on the Hockey Sur Table
      > Quebec circuit and rd place finisher Greg Scoma in 30th. Hope to see
      > this countinue growing in the US and hope to have the chance to play
      > many of you in the near futher.
      > Next event Quebec City May 18th. Check us out at www.hockeysurtableq
      > uebec.com.

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