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Re: [ccth] Re: Tournament Year in Review

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  • carlo bossio
    Lets not forget Denis Begin who is a huge help beeing co-organizer in Quebec, part of the trio of Hockey Sur Table Quebec and the official Ref of all
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      Lets not forget Denis Begin who is a huge help beeing co-organizer in Quebec, part of the trio of Hockey Sur Table Quebec and the official Ref of all tournament finals and this for all 3 divisions!!!! Now that's detication.

      Dave Kraehling <superdave3n2@...> wrote:
      Hey Sid, There was a couple of other things I failed to mention so I will mention them now.
      1) I want to say thank You to all the Tournament organizers.
      Jim Rzonka, A J Sarma, Mark Sokolski, Peter Moulton, Sid Kloosterman, Burt Brassard, John Power, Carlo Bossio, Martin Labelle.
      All of you fine gentlemen put allot of hard work and effort into staging these events and you really don't get the recognition you guys deserve.
      So I am but one voice and I am proud to say THANK YOU to all of your hard work and efforts.
      As for you Sid you are right I also joined the PTHA.
      Sorry for not acknowledging your league.
      I won't be up yhis weekend but I will be up the following weekend (Nov. 25/07)

      flyindutchman45 <sidkloosterman@ hotmail.com> wrote:
      Wow, Dave, that's an impressive list of tourneys! You mentioned that
      you joined an Artisan league but failed to mention that you also
      joined the PTHA! If you forgot, we're playing this Sunday. LoL. And
      by the way, you're in first place.

      Cheers, Sid.

      --- In ccth@yahoogroups. com, Dave Kraehling <superdave3n2@ ...> wrote:
      > Since everyone is giving their account of the last few tornaments,
      I thought it would only be fitting that I give my account of this
      > At the beginning of 2007 Eve and I had planned to attend the Las
      Vegas tournament only.
      > HA !
      > What started out as a one off, turned out to be 9 offs. Vegas in
      January was a pleasent surprise as I thought the weather would be
      somewhat cold. Instead Vegas was very spring like. My purpose there
      was to attend AJ's Coleco Classic. But then Jim Rzonka made it worth
      my while by challenging me to try his Stiga event. Not one to like
      Stiga as there is really no checking involved, I gave it a shot. I
      will admit that I now am considering more Stiga tournaments with the
      mentoring of my friend Bernie....
      > Coleco tournament #1 was a success with the 7 game final against
      my latest rival Lou Marinoff.. As in all tournaments I do love the
      challenge that Dr.Lou presents when he is an opponent.
      > In March I attended Mark Sokolski's "Toronto Classic". Not
      thinking that I would win, as the competition was very strong with
      the likes of Greg Peden, Mark Sokoski, Justin Hawthorn, and the Maker
      Bros.,Sid Kloosterman as well as my old friend Merv Reutlinger and
      many more and too many to mention.
      > A story within a story. 2 nights before the tournament I had Greg
      and Merv over to my place for a practice session. Both men kicked my
      butt that night but when we were finished I assured them that I was
      ready for the competition. The following day Greg called me and we
      talked about who was going to win the tournament and who would be
      able to beat him as he was at the top of his game. He asked me a
      fatal question as to who I thought was going to win. I responded by
      telling him he wasn't going to win. He got abit aggitated by my
      answer and called me out as to who could possibly beat him. I
      jokingly said " who knows, maybe it would be me... and we chuckled
      and left it at that... Little did we know that I had actually
      predicted the out come of that tournament.
      > In April, I ventured upto Brampton to participate in the Brampton
      tournament, I looked forward to this particular tournament as I like
      the venue presented. This year however was not to be my year as
      Martin Labelle decide to showcase his command of the 5380 game.
      Martin destroyed the competition that day and I had to settle for
      > Now May and Quebec City leaves a sour taste in my mouth this
      year. As everyone knows I was ROBBED of a new system that was not
      clearly defined.
      > Quebec City saw the emergence of the now used playoff system that
      ranks all players as you compete to the finish.
      > I want to set the record straight, I like the new system as it is
      used now. But that doesn't correct the Quebec situation.
      > Although many people have told me that I was miss treated in this
      situation no one has had the parts to correct it.
      > That's all I have to say about that ..it is over...
      > By the way I still was only awarded 5th place.
      > This year was a tounament filled year.
      > In June, I participated in Sid's 1st of 2 tournaments, the newly
      created "Oshawa Open". The result of that tournament was not one of
      my better performances. as I played the tourny on 4 hrs sleep and as
      a result could only muster an 9th place finish.
      > Now everyone knew I was going to Chicago to compete in Jim
      Rzonka's USA open at the end of July. And until I heard that Patrick
      Cote was going I was the shoe in to win. But even though Patrick
      travelled 21 hrs by bus to Chicago, I thought for sure he would be
      too tired and would crumble under my attack...not so, he toyed with
      me giving me a false sense of victory before he gained his second
      wind and came back to snatch victory right out from underneath me...I
      ended up second.
      > The next day I again attempted a Stiga tournament and the
      competition was fierce. The players however were great to play
      against and chat about the game of Stiga. I did however acheive a few
      goals in the tourament, like competing in the round of sixteen and
      only my second Stiga tournament. I will also say I loved playing Rob
      Chargo (he beat me two straight) but I definitely got under his skin
      with my psycho-babel. I will definitely play in more Stiga
      tournaments in the future.
      > August- BREAK TIME-whew...
      > Now September was an incredibly busy month for table hockey.
      > Ready for this...
      > Sept. 8/07 New York-3rd
      > Sept. 15/07 Peterborough Classic- 8th
      > Sept. 22/07 Montreal aw forget about that one OK.... I will, 17th
      ouch ("B" Champ)
      > Oct.BREAK - whew.... Oh I forgot my Artizan Season Started...
      > Which brings us to Nov.10th/07 Final touranment of the year...
      > Sherbrooke.. .
      > Boy did I have something to prove...
      > Although Carlo won, I am glad that I could put any doubt that
      anybody had about my Montreal performance behind me.
      > I want to appologize to anyone who might have felt like I was
      possessed. as I did have a point to prove.
      > Jr. you fell victim to my goalie in the last 2 games. Martin, you
      were right, the only time it seems I can beat you is on your home
      turf. As for Carlo, not much to say, you were the better player in
      the end. Congratulation my friend.
      > In closing I have this to say about this year....
      > 11 tournaments, 2-1st, 2-2nds, 1 3rd, 1-5th, 1-8th, 1-9th, 1-
      17th, Stiga, 1-13th and 1-16th
      > 3 States and 2 Provinces
      > A ton of tablehockey
      > Many new friends
      > one- lost in New York
      > = Priceless memories and a ton of hardware...
      > Thanks to all for putting up with my Green outfits and my table
      talk, I had a great year.
      > Dave Kraehling
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