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NEW ! PHOTOS & STATS NYC Int'l Classic Tournament, Sept '07 - Added to NYCTHA.US

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  • sabre_in_virginia
    NEW ! PHOTOS of the NYC Int l Classic Tournament, Sept 07 For Statistics, look to the left on our main page for Completed! - NYCTHA Int l Classic Tournament
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2007
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      NEW ! PHOTOS of the NYC Int'l Classic Tournament, Sept '07

      For Statistics, look to the left on our main page for "Completed! -
      NYCTHA Int'l Classic Tournament Stats" click on that link to be
      taken to the Statistics page.

      For the Photos, click on "Photo Albums" lower left of our main page.
      From the drop down menu titled, "Select Photo Album" look for and
      select "NYCTHA_Int'l Classic_Tournament_2007".

      There you will find photos of the players, the public including the
      Marines, gift winners, supporting family members and workers who
      helped behind the scenes to make the day a rousing success. All
      photographs have a description of who or what is in the picture. Any
      improvements or suggestions should be emailed to Greg Scoma (see
      left side, "Contact Info" link).

      To enlarge a photo just click on it. If you would like a copy of a
      photo, contact me.

      Visit www.NYCTHA.US

      There is also another photo album with many great photos taken on
      the same day by Steve Dowell. The name of that photo album is, "NY
      City International Classic by Steve Dowell."

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