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3 weeks before the "Québec Open V" !

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  • Burt Brassard
    Please note that guests can join us for the supper at a cost of 10$/person, but PLEASE inform me in advance if your bring guests, so that I can give the exact
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2005
      Please note that guests can join us for the supper at a cost of 10$/person, but PLEASE inform me in advance if your bring guests, so that I can give the exact number of people at the caterer!
      "Québec  Open  V" Tournament

                    TABLETOP HOCKEY TOURNAMENT (5th edition)

                            Édouard-Lavergne Community Center

      SUNDAY, MAY 22nd 2005 AT 11:00 AM

      * Date: Sunday, May 22nd 2005 (long Victoria day weekend);
      * City: Quebec City, Québec, Canada (about 2 hours north-east from Montreal);
      * Place
      Édouard-Lavergne Community Centre 
      390, rue Arago Ouest, Québec
      * Game: Coleco model #5380 (left-centerman, re-inforced surface and with plexiglass shields, table height 34½");
      * Time: Registration: 11:00 AM ; Start: 12:00 Noon ; End: 9:00 PM;
      * Cost: 35$ Can
      (40$ at the door);
      * Souper: Cold buffet included (drinks not included); guests (non players) can eat for 10$/each;
      * Prizes: Trophy for the champion, engraved Plates for the top 3, and medals for B & C consolation divisions;
      * Door prizes: surprises from our sponsors and raffle.
      * Organizer: Burt Brassard.
      * Telephone: (418) 684-3082.
      * E-mail:
      * Web Site:
      * 5$ rebate for CTHA members (web site: www.ctha.ca);

      * Go see the new web site of the CCTHF (Canadian Classic Table Hockey Federation) to have a schedule of upcoming tournaments: http://www.abacom.com/~mlabelle/ccthf.htm . 

      And there is also a discussion forum for fans of the "real classic table hockey": http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ccth .


      Mail your money-order or cheque to my name (35$):

      Burt Brassard                                                                                                                                   

      337, rue Marie-Louise                                                                                                                

      Quebec City, QC   G1N 3J8

      Don't forget to write your coordinates on your envoy (see response-coupon to fill below or by e-mail), and to include your payment in the envelope to be mailed (the stamped date on the envelope being the sending date)!


      * Preliminary Round: Round-Robin with pools of 10 to 16 people;
      * Supper break: around 5:00 PM;
      * Playoff Round: a ranking is made, and the whole group is divided into 3 divisions:
           "Competition A Division" and "Consolation B Division" and "Consolation C Division";
              "3 out of 5 elimination series" until the final (4 out of 7), for each division.
      * Duration of games: timed 5 minutes game (overtime only in the playoffs).
      * Minimum number of games per player: 14; 11 in the Regular Season + 3 minimum in the
                  Playoffs...and more if you advance in the playoff round (everyone makes the Payoffs).

      - located near downtown Quebec City;
      - many Hotel accomodations on Blvd. Hamel (just e-mail me or see below);
      - many Restaurants nearby (on Hamel Boulevard mostly);
      - you can visit beautiful and historic "Old Quebec" (just ask for tourist attractions);
      - lots of fun in perpective, in a friendly and sportsman's atmosphere!
      Here are 5 hotels that you can consider, all only a couple of kilometers from the event:
      1) HÔTEL DU NORD (1-877-474-4464): 59.95$/night for 1 king-size bed or 69$/night for 2 king-size beds.  Continental breakfast buffet for 5$ extra.  Hurry because rooms are going fast!
      2) MOTEL UNIVERSEL (1-800-463-4495): 81$/night for 2 double beds + 10$ per extra person.  Continental breakfast for 4.50$ extra
      3) TAJ-MAHAL (1-800-363-5260): 84.95$/night for 2 persons (double-bed) or 89.95$/night for 3 persons.  A king-size bed is 69.95$/night for 1 person and 79.95$/night for 2 persons.The manager Mrs Dominique Parent.  Continental breakfast included.
      4) CHÂTEAU REPOTEL (1-800-463-5255): 71.95$/night for 2 people (2 double beds); 81.95$ for 3 or 4 people (2 double beds); 76.95$ for 2 people (1 king size bed). Continental breakfast included.
      5) HÔTEL COFORTEL (1-800-363-7440): 74.95$/1 person; 81.95$/2 persons; 86.95$/3 persons; 91.95$/4 persons. Continental breakfast included.
      6) COMFORT INN (1-800-465-6116): 85.46$/night for 2 adults (rooms with 2 double-beds) + 5$/per extra person.  Coffee and muffins included for breakfast.
      7) HÔTEL QUÉBEC INN (1-800-567-5276): 122.95$/night for 1 room with 1 double-bed (2 people) or 152.95$/night for 4 people.  No breakfast.  Indoor swimming pool.  Restaurant & Bar within the hotel, and the most luxurious of the 5 hôtels as you can tell by the price.
      All prices are for any weekend nights of Friday May 21st, Saturday May 22th and Sunday May 23rd.  There are still rooms left in all 7 places, but act fast.  The best deal is the first place, because they give us a very good price, are well located near downtown Québec City and are the closest to the event. 



      LAST NAME:_________________________  FIRST NAME:__________________



      POSTAL CODE:_____________________________________________________



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