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New date for the "Québec Open VI": Saturday May 1 3th 2006!

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  • Burt Brassard
    QUEBEC OPEN VI TOURNAMENT TABLETOP HOCKEY TOURNAMENT (6th edition) Édouard-Lavergne Community Center SATURDAY, MAY 13th 2006 AT 10:00 AM ... * Event Name:
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2006


                                    TABLETOP HOCKEY TOURNAMENT (6th edition)

                                            Édouard-Lavergne Community Center

      SATURDAY, MAY 13th 2006 AT 10:00 AM

      * Date: Saturday, May 13th 2006 ;
      * City: Quebec City, Québec, Canada (about 2 hours north-east from Montreal);
      * Place
      Édouard-Lavergne Community Centre 
      390, rue Arago Ouest, Québec
      * Game: brand new "Martin Labelle Coleco model #5380" borads (left-centerman, re-inforced surface and with plexiglass shields, table height 35");
      * Time: Registration: 10:00 AM ; Start: 10:45 Noon ; End: 8:00 PM;
      * Cost: 35$ Can (before May 5th
      , 40$ afterwards);
      * Souper: Quarter chicken supper from St-Hubert (drinks not included);
      * Prizes: Trophy for the champion, engraved Plates for the top 3, and medals for B & C participation divisions;
      * Door prizes: surprises from our sponsors and playoff pool;
      * Organizer: Burt Brassard.
      * Telephone: (418) 563-5968.
      * E-mail:

      * Web Site:

      * Go see the new web site of the CCTHF (Canadian Classic Table Hockey Federation) to have a schedule of upcoming tournaments: http://www.abacom.com/~mlabelle/ccthf.htm . 

      And there is also a discussion forum for fans of the "real classic table hockey": http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ccth .


      Mail your money-order or cheque to my name (35$ before May 5th, or 40$ after):

      Burt Brassard                                                                                                                                   

      652, Place Morin                                                                                                              

      Vanier, QC    G1M  2C1

      Don't forget to write your coordinates on your envoy (see response-coupon to fill below or by e-mail), and to include your payment in the envelope to be mailed (the stamped date on the envelope being the sending date)!

      * Preliminary Round: Round-Robin with pools of 15 to 22 people;
      * Supper break: around 4:00 PM;
      * Playoff Round: a ranking is made, and the whole group is divided into 3 divisions:
           "Expert A Division" and "Intermediate B Division" and "Amateur C Division";
              "3 out of 5 elimination series" until the final (4 out of 7), for each division.
      * Duration of games: timed 5 minutes game (overtime only in the playoffs).
      * Minimum number of games per player: 17; 14 in the Regular Season + 3 minimum in the
                  Playoffs...and more if you advance in the playoff rounds (everyone makes the Payoffs).

      - located near downtown Quebec City;
      - many Hotel accomodations on Blvd. Hamel (just e-mail me or see below);
      - many Restaurants nearby (on Hamel Boulevard mostly);
      - you can visit beautiful and historic "Old Quebec" (just ask for tourist attractions);
      - lots of fun in perpective, in a friendly and sportsman's atmosphere!


      LAST NAME:_________________________  FIRST NAME:__________________



      POSTAL CODE:_____________________________________________________



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