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959Re: Coleco 5380 Super Bash

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  • Jim Rzonca
    Nov 2, 2005
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      Right on AJ and Rob! You guys are COLECO soldiers. In USA The CTHL has been shut down for a couple years now while QUEBEC and ONTARIO are Power Blooming running on Labelle's beautiful COLECO'S and the Love of the COLECO game. All the while Stiga is everywhere.

      BUT a COLECO or a MUNRO are most USA players first love and its diminished a bit recently so NOW is a good a time as any!

      There are great times and place's for all types of Table Hockey! Let's LIVE IT UP MAN!!

      Playin COLECO Chicago, California and in Vegas!


      What the hell? Its Vegas man. Aint gettin any younger. What are you waiting for???

      LET'S PLAY!


      Jim Rzonca
      I got blisters on my fingers!

      --- In ccth@yahoogroups.com, "aj5380" <aj5380@y...> wrote:
      > OK...put up yer dukes!
      > I mean y'all including everyone.
      > How many people on this post are making it to Las Vegas on Jan 8,9 for
      > the TH tournament?
      > A request has been made to the LAX boys to showcase the 5380 and
      > organize a tournament. This gane is also known as Martin Labelle's
      > game for the new comers. For the old-timers, you know I am talking
      > about the S-shaped slot game. Could you let me know if you would be
      > interested in having a S-shape tournament that would not interfere
      > with the main event, but would be a good excuse for drinking beer and
      > bragging rights?
      > regards to all
      > ...aj
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