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863RE: [ccth] Re: Greg Peden

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  • m c
    Oct 3, 2005
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      ...Junior, I did not say that you did not show respect to greg... I just
      think there are much better things to talk about on the CCTHF forum.
      Talking about Greg is enough to give me the creeps as it is ...

      >From: "jeanjrgelinas" <jean808@...>
      >Reply-To: ccth@yahoogroups.com
      >To: ccth@yahoogroups.com
      >Subject: [ccth] Re: Greg Peden
      >Date: Mon, 03 Oct 2005 01:37:30 -0000
      >Hey Mark,
      >I don't think I did not show respect to Greg. I told what I saw and
      >told I don't like what I saw. I think to have no respect is more
      >like when you speak from another one in his back, like private e-
      >mail or in person to another people except the guy then you speak
      >about. Greg is a legend, a very good players and everyone respect
      >him for is good career. You can send to him anything I wrote I have
      >no problem and we can discuss it anytimes.
      >--- In ccth@yahoogroups.com, "m c" <torontotablehockey@h...> wrote:
      > > nicely said johny B..., Greg is a great competitor, and our table
      > > sport is one of pure competition... I like that about table
      >hockey. It pits
      > > one person against the other, and win or lose, it is a rush!
      > > Beating Greg in a 7 game series has been the highlight of my 10
      >year table
      > > hockey career, and that is because you know you beat the guy that
      >wants it
      > > the most!
      > > We all, including myself, have had moments of lack of
      >sportsmanship shown.
      > > So let's cut each other a bit of slack and show appreciation to
      >one another
      > > for being supportive of each other's events. I have my personal
      >beefs with
      > > Greg... and we solve them in person, not on a forum...
      > > Let's keep the CCTHF a notch above the other chat rooms please.
      >Show some
      > > class, even when you feel someone else has not given you the same
      > > that will make you a better player as well as a better person.
      > > mark
      > >
      > >
      > > >From: "John Barnes" <johnbarnes98@h...>
      > > >Reply-To: ccth@yahoogroups.com
      > > >To: ccth@yahoogroups.com
      > > >Subject: Re: [ccth] Greg Peden
      > > >Date: Sat, 01 Oct 2005 09:55:29 -0400
      > > >
      > > >It's funny...for the years I've been around table hockey, all
      >I've heard is
      > > >people complaining about Greg Peden...that he holds on to the
      >puck for too
      > > >long, that he is not very sportsmanlike, and that he does moves
      >on certain
      > > >boards that are cheap or unfair...
      > > >
      > > >And before I say this Burt, I preface it with the utmost of
      > > >
      > > >The 5 second rule is too lenient. If you are a tournament
      >organizer, and
      > > >you
      > > >hear complaints about people holding on to the puck for too long,
      >(AND GREG
      > > >IS NOT THE ONLY ONE TO DO THIS), it is the organizer's fault. Quit
      > > >complaiining about the person, and start complaining to the rule
      >maker. As
      > > >well, most referees don't have the balls to call a player on it,
      >which is a
      > > >shame...
      > > >We're all trying to be friends here and have a fun, competitive,
      > > >good-natured community.
      > > >
      > > >But there will always be friction when some players have a
      >greater desire
      > > >to
      > > >win than others. I'm simply saying that some people will stop at
      >next to
      > > >nothing to win. Kinda like the New York Yankees spending 200
      >million a
      > > >year,
      > > >or the Italian soccer team diving all over the pitch and crying
      >to the
      > > >referee...if major sports can curb these behaviors, why can't we?
      > > >
      > > >I can fully understand why Greg's competitive nature and
      >gamesmanship can
      > > >rub people the wrong way, but it can definitely be overcome. I
      >saw Carlo
      > > >use
      > > >it as fuel in the Quebec Open to 'kick it up a notch' and bury
      >Greg with 5
      > > >goals in about a minute and a half...I guess it's all about how
      > > >people respond to such adversity.
      > > >
      > > >And everyone, including Burt, if you think Bill is the only guy
      >who likes
      > > >Greg, you can add my name to the seemingly small list.
      > > >
      > > >John Barnes
      > > >
      > > >
      > >
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