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842Re: [ccth] Greg Peden

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  • John Barnes
    Oct 1, 2005
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      It's funny...for the years I've been around table hockey, all I've heard is
      people complaining about Greg Peden...that he holds on to the puck for too
      long, that he is not very sportsmanlike, and that he does moves on certain
      boards that are cheap or unfair...

      And before I say this Burt, I preface it with the utmost of respect....

      The 5 second rule is too lenient. If you are a tournament organizer, and you
      hear complaints about people holding on to the puck for too long, (AND GREG
      IS NOT THE ONLY ONE TO DO THIS), it is the organizer's fault. Quit
      complaiining about the person, and start complaining to the rule maker. As
      well, most referees don't have the balls to call a player on it, which is a
      We're all trying to be friends here and have a fun, competitive,
      good-natured community.

      But there will always be friction when some players have a greater desire to
      win than others. I'm simply saying that some people will stop at next to
      nothing to win. Kinda like the New York Yankees spending 200 million a year,
      or the Italian soccer team diving all over the pitch and crying to the
      referee...if major sports can curb these behaviors, why can't we?

      I can fully understand why Greg's competitive nature and gamesmanship can
      rub people the wrong way, but it can definitely be overcome. I saw Carlo use
      it as fuel in the Quebec Open to 'kick it up a notch' and bury Greg with 5
      goals in about a minute and a half...I guess it's all about how certain
      people respond to such adversity.

      And everyone, including Burt, if you think Bill is the only guy who likes
      Greg, you can add my name to the seemingly small list.

      John Barnes
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