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490Re: [ccth] Montreal classic predictions

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  • carlo bossio
    Jul 1, 2005
      Thanks for the vote of confidence Ben. Yes Vito Brundia from Toronto will be here as he confirmed his presence. You forgot Angelo Folano as a very strong contender and there will be lots of very strong players. As for you don't sell yourself short. Practice by yourself and don't be shy to drop me a line if you wish to get some practice time in. Thanks 

      Ben <flickhockey@...> wrote:
      I said that Carlo will beat Martin Labelle on game 7 at the final. For
      the third place, it will be a race between Burt Brassard, Gino Bossio
      et don't forget Pierre Béchard...if he shown. Another wildcard can be
      Denis Begin from Drumomndville i guess. Unfortunetely, i know only Vito
      and Mark Sokolski from Ontario but i think that it will be in
      Peterborough on the same weekend

      On my side, my main goal is to win at least one game (LOL) because i
      didn't touch the good old Coleco since about 17 years (except Burt last
      year's tournament and a practice at Gino's house..)

      See ya at the tournament
      founder of Flick-Hockey

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