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4392CCTHF - Special Announcement

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  • ccthf_moderator
    Apr 2, 2010

      Bonjour! Hello!

      We have a lot of information to cover in this announcement, so we will get right to it.

      First, both www.CCTHF.com and "Yahoo! Groups CCTHF"  are under new management. We all owe the CCTHF founders and subsequent care-takers a big "thank you!", "merci beaucoup!".

      Second, we recognize there was a move a couple years back from a national approach (CCTHF) to a more regional, grass-roots, approach (Ontario Table Hockey and Hockey Sur Table Quebec) in an effort to recruit and appeal to new players. So, our challenge is also to synthesize CCHTF's family of websites (national) with the regional and local league websites. We will seek to fill gaps, remove or reduce redundancies among them. In short, we will work to find our own niche in harmonious balance with the regional and local league websites.

      Third, we will work to make technical improvements to our CCTHF family of websites, such as ensuring historical stories and photos are archived safely.  

      In fact, we have already begun to make improvements here at our "Yahoo! Group CCTH" website. These improvements include, but are not limited to, three new features (benefits for you) to use to support your tournaments or simply to use and share with others. Currently, these benefits are NOT found on other TH websites!

      We can also help you take advantage of fourth feature to push new updates here, i.e. content, to your website by using the "RSS" feed. How does this benefit you? By using the RSS feed, new information posted here is automatically fed to a section you've dedicated on your website to accept these updates. Meaning, your website will be less of a static webpage waiting for you or someone else to write something. Instead, your webpage is appears up-to-date and fresh!

      Here's a List of Changes and Improvements so far!

      1. Fixes

      The first change was fixed a long standing omission. This Yahoo! Group was listed as "CCTH". We added the "F" and we're now listed as "CCTHF." So, you will need to make this change to your Favorites file or when searching for us.

      2. Group Categorization Changed - Fine Tuning

      2.A. We changed our Yahoo! Group Category from "Toys" and "Games", to "Sports" and "Hockey".

      2.B. As you may know, advertisements are automatically generated and tied to your group category. By changing our group category to hockey, the ads should now be mostly related to hockey.

      2.B.1. Top of your computer screen.
      So, now you'll see advertisements, so far either NHL or NHL & Verizon, that should be relevant to your interests, hockey.

      2.B.2 Bottom of your computer screen.
      You'll find "Yahoo! Answers" at the bottom of the screen with questions that are now related to hockey.

      2.C. New Members Finding Us
      This is also a change to how non-members might find us, which we think will make it easier either find us in a search or stumble upon us table hockey players.

      2.D. Sport vs Toy
      This category change also fits with the generally accepted notion the in the TH community that we want to be perceived not as a toy, but as a sport.

      3. Keeping the Website Fresh & Homage to Canadian Hockey

      To jazz things up, we'll periodically change the colors just to have fun and to pay homage to the table hockey players in each recent and current NHL city in Canada. We've started out west with Vancouver and will work our way east. (Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg...)

      4. Supporting You, Your Tournaments & Home Page Graphics
      Generally, we will post information supporting upcoming TH tournaments, such as the upcoming Johnny Good Guy tournament. If you do not have or cannot create a graphic with text, we can make something and post it for you.

      5. People Map - NEW FEATURE / BENEFIT FOR YOU!
      See where other group members live and share where you are from. But only share as much as you are comfortable with.

      6. Places Map - NEW FEATURE / BENEFIT FOR YOU!
      A great way for group members to share information about places that are relevant to the group. Maybe your favorite restaurant, hotel, or night club. Those things that players going to tournaments can then use to see and enjoy when visiting your city.

      Create events, see and track how many players are coming. Remember to include: Who, What, When, Where, Why and How. People can click on the address of your event, which will bring up a map they can use for directions.

      In Closing
      We realize there are numerous TH websites out there competing for your attention. We will work with the Canadian regional websites for a harmonious mixture of news, information, tournament support, archival information, and so forth. We'll share this spirit of cooperation with our fellow TH players and organizers in the States.

      We will work to make our CCTHF family of websites relevant to your needs, to earn your support and bring you back again and again! 

      In short, we will work to make all Canadians proud of "Yahoo! Group CCTHF"  and "www.CCTHF.com".
      We welcome your feedback and look forward to serving your TH needs and wants.

      :)  Enjoy your Summer!!!!   B-)
      Bien amicalement,
      Best Wishes,
      The CCTHF Management