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  • m c
    Feb 16, 2010
      The Toronto Classic was moved up from its usual March break slot, as the Sokolski house is expecting its third child any day now (so in retrospect the weekend was very successful as I did not have to rush out to the hospital).  Last year, we played with 68 participants, this year it was 33.  Many thanks to the faithful table hockey followers that attended... I realize that many people had to make sacrifices in order to be there on the Valentine's day of a long weekend!
      On Saturday, we stopped by in Peterborough to get the game stands from Sid... thanks Special K! We also did a mini road-trip to Whitby to see if we could duct tape Justin Hawthorne and kidnap him for the weekend, but the young man was admant that his studies were a priority this weekend!  Damn responsible kid... sheesh!
      Sunday started with loyal helpers such as Burt Brassard, Rick Dunlop, as well as William Poirier and Mitchel Schroeder doing a massive helper job in setting up the event.  Danny Saliani was clutch in helping to get the prizes from the sponsors, as well as the t-shirts.  There were 50 prizes, each listed on a prize tag, and then inserted into an I-Toys balloon.  Lunchtime saw a catered buffet, and the stand up comedy of "Dred Lee", table hockey player Curtis Wilson, who entertained the crowd after they ate.
      Miro C took care of the stats and separated the A and B division playoffs.  The playoffs were a spirited affair, with many tight series going the distance.  Sal Lima ended up claiming his second B-division championship... well done! 
      The A-division saw the emergence of a few young table hockey superstars... William Poirier, Dylan O'Hagan and Brian O'Hagan each had a great day at the rods.  Welcome to the A-div boys!  Dylan had a great series versus Dave Kraehling, and looked poised for the upset, but Dave showed his experience by coming back to win. 
      Sid Kloosterman was hot all day long, beating Greg Peden in the quarter finals, Danny Saliani in the semis, and then claiming his first Toronto Championship over Mark Sokolski in the finals!  Sid has claimed the first Ontario Hat Trick by winning each of Ontario's 3 Powerplay2 events!!!  Well done, Special K!
      Mark Sokolski took series wins against Bernie Kunzler, former champ Dennis Doherty, and #1 ranked Dave Kraehling, before finally taking a beating at the hands of Kloosterman.  Mark was scoring... but Sid was scoring a LOT... from EVERYWHERE!  It's like fighting for a pot of honey with a swarm of bees when you play Kloosterman.  He is fast and can score goals with a wide variety of attacks.  Great player...
      The boys, Mitch and William - they were sick... really sick in Mitch's case.  A world of thanks to Maggie Kloosterman and others who helped the boys keep it together while the tourney was coming to a close.  Burt Brassard, Dennis Doherty, Josh Kloosterman and the O'hagans were also very helpful in helping to put everything away while the semi-finals were being played.  We needed to get those boys to a doctor and Mitch was sick for over 20 hours (he threw up over 40 times in that span of time).  We got him taken care of and had to leave from Toronto back to Petawawa much later than expected, as he could not handle the 5-hour ride back.  (In any case, despite the massive sickness, they swear the weekend was worth it, so we know the tourney and the fun along the way was a unique experience...)
      Hopefully, I have not forgotten to thank anyone in all that.  I am in slow recovery from it all,as I was up all night on Sunday taking care of my "Petawawa patients"... Burt had to go stay at Dave's, so I missed out on my beer buddy time (let's do that soon though, Burt!)  It was a great day, and the series I played against Dave and then Sid were the most fun and most memorable table hockey experinces I have had in a loong while!  A special thanks to you two for the fun and sportsmanship that was involved... can't wait to see the youtube footage, Dave!

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