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4351Fwd: RON MARSIK leads the school going into the SHARK TANK SHOOTOUT!!!!!!!!

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    Dec 5, 2009
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      --- In TableHockeyTavern@yahoogroups.com, "JIM RZONCA" <jrzonca@...> wrote:

      Hello Everybody. Mr RON {Dr. Death} Marsik leads the pack of Sharks going into the Coleco Shark Tank Shootout. Marsik is atop the Chicago Straight Slot Series leader board due to his Winning the Coleco Straight Slot Shootout in the first leg of the Chicago Straight Slot Series.

      NEXT STOP ==>

      This event features 2 five minuite minuite peroids per match on Eagle / Coleco 5340, 5385 models in full Chicago Table Hockey League trim. That spells Coleco Banana's on the wings and BIG nets!

      Players with the top 4 points total after the Straight Slot Shootout & Shark Tank events qualify for the third and final leg of this series. The ****CHICAGO STRAIGHT SLOT SERIES CHAMPIONSHIP****

      Here are the Points Standings thus far ==>

      RON MARSIK 10 pts
      JEFF THILL 9 pts
      JIM RZONCA 8 pts
      DAN LORD 7 pts
      RICH THILL 6 pts
      JERRY MARCH 5 pts
      ADM THILL 4 pts
      ERIC KROL 3 pts
      JOHN MEDEMA 2 pts
      BOB INGO 1 pts

      Good luck with this dude. He will suck the life right out of you!


      Jim Rzonca

      --- End forwarded message ---