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4338Précipice of a New T.H. Season: Musings and Prayer

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  • sabre_in_virginia
    Oct 2, 2009
      Reading Carlo's last call for his tournament tomorrow, I thought to take a few minutes to write all of you, as follows:

      As we stand at the précipice of a new table hockey season, I wish all of you the very best.

      That you have fun, are happy with your performances, renew old and make new friendships.

      That those who take up managing leagues and tournaments in Ontario, Quebec, Edmonton, Vancouver and in the USA meet or exceed their goals and expectations.

      I won't be with you the first half of the season and maybe not all season. But, I'll be checking in from time to time. I intend to be back in 2010-11. I wish all of you the very best.

      As I wrote this, thinking of you, who won't be with you this year, those who will join for the first time and that this is the start of a new season, I thought maybe a prayer, a non-demoninational prayer might be nice.

      Table Hockey Prayer
      We pray for our table hockey players...
      Who, through table hockey, develop important values such as loyalty, perserverence, friendship and sharing. That every player finds and reaches the abilities already within.

      We pray for event and league managers and promoters...
      To demonstrate their appreciation to every participant who lends support to leagues and events.
      To keep the experience of all participants and respect for the game of table hockey paramount.
      Who appreciate the gifts of all players most or least skilled.

      We pray for the parents...
      Who love their children for who they are, how well they perform at their skill level, not how high they finish.
      Who encourage and teach sportsmanship and comraderie
      who encourage and promote graciousness in defeat and humbleness in victory

      We pray for the officials...
      Who inspire fair play and protect the integrity of the game and players.

      We pray for all who participate in games: may their minds remember the element of fun reflective of your Spirit; may their bodies reflect the gracefulness and wonder of your creation. Let all who play table hockey be enriched by your presence and fellowship of man on the boards, at events or in communication. May you watch over the safety of everyone as they travel to and from our events.

      Greg Scoma