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4319HTQ 2009/10

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  • carlo.bossio
    Aug 4, 2009
      Hey gang as always we had our annuelle HTQ meeting in Drummondville. Our new commity consists of Burt B, Steve G, Dany L and Carlo B and Denis G taking care of our web page. This season will see some little rule changes as well as a little format change and some little additions in the hopes of making our events more fun and more attractable for new comers as well as season veterans.

      Already I can announce that regretable Eric Desjardins and myself came to the conclussion that due to the lack of interest from players in Gatineau it was best we dropped them from the 2009/10 schedual. We will always remember their first event which saw the storm of the century hit us yet still having 26 in the house, these memories will be remembered by everyone in attendance for sure. Hopefully some Coleco interest can brew from Gatineau in the futur and who knows, maybe bee put back on the circuit in the futur?

      For the rest, I will send everyone an e-mail in the near futur when everything is updated on our web page: www.hockeysurtablequebec.com

      I really hope to see many of our US friends as well as our Canadian friends attend in big numbers and encourage your TH buddies to make the trip along with you. John, maybe send this mail to your TH buddies who's e-mail's I do not have? Dave, you can do the same in the Ontaro regions? Thanks boys.

      If anyone has any questions please feel free to e-mail me.

      Have a great end to your summer.