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  • colecojohnny
    Nov 2, 2008
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      Lookin' forward to seeing all my friends from Canada on the 15th.

      Lou, Greg (hopefully) and I are going to get together in Coney
      Island with some of our friends and some new players on the 8th--I
      need to practice! Anyone from Quebec or Ontario care to join us???
      We are going to play all day from 11:30 to ??? at Peggy O'Neill's on
      four games that will be setup and ready to rock.

      34 players sounds like a big turnout--Can't wait till the tournament

      --- In ccth@yahoogroups.com, "bossiocarlo" <bossiocarlo@...> wrote:
      > Hey guys, 3 first week-ends in Nov, 3 tournaments and on 3
      > boards!!!! People are playing Table Hockey BIG TIME! :-)
      > On the 15th of Nov the HTQ circuit will land in Sherbrooke for yet
      > again a great event at again a great facility, easy access,
      > prices and with a buffet included!!!! What more do you want and oh
      > ya, did I mention the event will be held on ROCK SOLID AMAZING Fun
      > games?
      > Come play with us. Go See here for all details.
      > www.hockeysurtablequebec.com
      > Here is the player list thus far.
      > Martin Labelle
      > Patrick Labelle
      > Samuel Carrier
      > Éric Maurice
      > Jeffrey Poulin
      > Stephane Noel
      > Vincent Roy
      > Steve Gosselin
      > Charles Belleville
      > Alain Belleville
      > Jean-Guy Fortier
      > Ézékiel Robichaud
      > Carlo Bossio
      > Gino Bossio
      > Sam Anoussis
      > Alex Anoussis
      > Dany Leclerc
      > Francois Cote
      > Pascal Leclerc
      > Alain Provencher
      > Jacques Richer
      > Greg Scoma
      > Dave Krealhing
      > John Power
      > Rémi Lemieux
      > Denis Bégin
      > Denis Giguere
      > Michel Décarie
      > Daniel Bordeleau
      > Alain Gamache
      > Benoit Girard
      > Daniel Bourdeau
      > Richard Dudemaine
      > Patrick Cote
      > Join us today and good luck to all the participants and organizers
      > the 1st and the 8th as well.
      > KING CARLO
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