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3904Cambridge PP2 Re-Seeded

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  • flyindutchman45
    May 1, 2008
      Hey gang. A few unexpected and unfortunate absences have occurred
      heading into this Saturday's Cambridge Classic PP2 tourney resulting in
      changes being made to the seeding system. These 6 players (based on the
      recent Toronto Classic ranks) will head up the three pools:

      Red Pool............Green Pool.........Orange Pool
      1.Greg Peden........2.Dave Kraehling...4.Den Doherty
      10.Bernie Kunzler...7.Danny Saliani....5.Sid Kloosterman

      Just 14 Cambridge-destined players are currently ranked in the Ontario
      rankings with the other eight being Bill Holdcroft, Guy Mason, Shaun
      Porten, Josh Kloosterman, Sue Elias, Ken Ellis, Jared Ellis and recent
      newcomer, Mike McKerlie.

      The great news is that a whopping (possibly up to) 22 players are
      newcomers! Guy has done a fabulous job of promoting the game and I'd
      bet that perhaps more than a few of these newcomers will be a pleasant
      surprise with their skill level. It's going to be a fantastically fun

      Cheers, Sid.