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3652Re: [ccth] the newest sokolskinator...

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  • Dave Kraehling
    Nov 23, 2007
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      Hey Mark, Congratulations, now maybe your dream of a Sokolski winning The Toronto Classic will come true.
      By the way I have a new addition to the family.
      Eve and I are proud to anounce the addition of "Fargo" to the family.
      He weighs in at 3oz. And is a Green Cheek Conure. Fargo is 5 months old and his species can live up to 35 yrs. So we will see who out lives whom.
      Again Congrats Mark

      m c <torontotablehockey@...> wrote:
      hi all...
      a new opponent has entered the field!!!
      Matthew Victor Sokolski was born at 5:44 pm, on Nov.20th... weighing in at 7 pounds 6 ounces and 50cm long.... he has the perfect fingers made to become the next young table hockey phenom.  Sporting his new Colorado Avalanche nighties, he burped with content, as if saying... "you're mine, Kloosterman! ", "step aside, Peden!", "you smell, Labelle!"  (well, maybe not all of that...)
      He is a fantastic baby - does not like crying... (unlike some of the crybabies we have seen at a few 2007 events.. haha).  By virtue of being awake it means he wants food, then back to relax time!  His eyes dart back and forth when there are several people in the room and his uncle wolski says he will surely be a goalie!
      cheers - virtual drinks and cigars to the lot of ye gentlemen...
      proud papa Sokolski I (the first)

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