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3421Re: [ccth] Re: Brodeur's Game

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  • carlo bossio
    Aug 2, 2007
      Well, all these guys are big kids like us you know. They have a love and passion for hockey and most often then not everything related to it as well. When Jason Pomenville saw the game, he flipped. Played against me for about 30 minutes. You should have seen the kid. He was smiling ear to ear during the whole thing. :-)
      WHen Kovalev saw the game that we donated to his sick kids loge at the Bell Center he imidiately ordered one for himself. We didn't get to deliver it yet as he is very difficult to reach off season but once he is back we should get it done. I will try to gets picks of this as well.
      Keep plugging away.

      flyindutchman45 <sidkloosterman@...> wrote:
      Carlo, that was a real treat seeing your Brodeur pics this morning.
      And you never know if some of these NHLers might join our leagues and
      tourneys one day. Your pics got me thinking about a story Jim Maker
      told me a couple of years ago. I'm sure Jim would be happy to tell
      the story himself but he's too busy landscaping these days.

      One of Jim's landscaping clients is former NHLer, Dave Reid, who was
      a member of the 1999 Stanley Cup Champion Dallas Stars and who now
      lives just outside Peterborough. One day Jim brought up the topic of
      table hockey and Dave told him that many of the '99 Dallas Stars team
      played table hockey. Not sure if they played a "league" or not but
      apparently Brett Hull owned a plastic team of Chicago Blackhawks that
      included a miniature Bobby Hull wearing #9. Cool, huh?

      Keep up the good work, Carlo.


      --- In ccth@yahoogroups. com, carlo bossio <bossiocarlo@ ...> wrote:
      > Dreams are good to have but lets just say that we didn't get to
      talking about that. I spent 3 and 1/2 hours there but mainly
      visiting, played tennis, played 1 game with Martin, played a good 20-
      25 minutes with the kids on the game, sae his house, boat, gym etc
      etc. No buisness talk, he would be too busy anyways.
      > In the futur? How knows, once he retieres and is in hunger for a
      new challenge, maybe table hockey will attract him. lol
      > dominic froome <dominicf98@ ...> wrote:
      > Wow Carlo. This is huge. You are the TH supplier of
      > the NHL! Maybe you guys can work out a deal and
      > Martin Broduer TH can become a household word!
      > Dominic Froome
      > Vancouver
      > --- bossiocarlo <bossiocarlo@ ...> wrote:
      > >
      > http://tablehockeyh eaven.com/ forums/viewtopic .php?
      p=3451&highlight= #3451
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