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3412Re: [ccth] Brodeur's Game

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  • carlo bossio
    Aug 1, 2007
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      Dreams are good to have but lets just say that we didn't get to talking about that. I spent 3 and 1/2 hours there but mainly visiting, played tennis, played 1 game with Martin, played a good 20-25 minutes with the kids on the game, sae his house, boat, gym etc etc. No buisness talk, he would be too busy anyways.
      In the futur? How knows, once he retieres and is in hunger for a new challenge, maybe table hockey will attract him. lol

      dominic froome <dominicf98@...> wrote:
      Wow Carlo. This is huge. You are the TH supplier of
      the NHL! Maybe you guys can work out a deal and
      Martin Broduer TH can become a household word!

      Dominic Froome

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      http://tablehockeyh eaven.com/ forums/viewtopic .php?p=3451& highlight= #3451

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