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2996ATHL (Sunday's) The King is Back!!!!

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  • bossiocarlo
    Apr 1, 2007
      That's right folks, second play-off date in one week!!!! Need Iremind
      you that Patrick Cote had stunned me 4 straight in the finals of the
      Monday league.

      Sunday league play-offs went down like this. No surprises in round 1
      with teams number 5,6,7 & 8 taking out 9,10,11 & 12.

      1/4 finals. There again the top 4 won. Carlo toke out veteran player
      Michel Decarie in 6. Series was tied 2-2 with Michel pulvarising me
      on his 2 wins!!!! Very stressful until I fixed up my defense and won
      games 5 & 6 easily. Overall though, it was a tough one!!!!

      Gino took out Pierre Bechard in 4 but all thight scores.

      Martin toke out Eric larochelle in 4 as well but game 1 in OT and 3
      of the 4 games were 1 or 2 goals difference.

      Patrick our Monday night champion had it tough against Daniel
      Bordeleau. With the series tide a 2-2 (after Daniel had a 2-1 lead)
      with a 4-0 defict Daniel brought the game in OT. Unfortunatly for him
      all that work was for none!!!! 5-4OT win for Pat who toke the series
      in 6.

      So after last years lose to Martin in the Semi's (in 7) would Gino
      avenge this 1 season later? YES In 7 for Gino!!!!!

      As for me I get to meet Pat this time in the Semi's. This time mine
      turn to kick him in 4 straight with a 8-1 victory trown in the mix.

      Carlo vs Gino once again in a ATHL finals I believe for the 5th time
      in 8 seasons. Carlo in 5 with all 1 goal difference wins for me. It
      was my day to be. Thanks to everyone in the league and I hope you
      guys enjoyed reading this.

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