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2467RE: [ccth] Re: ontario table hockey championships

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  • m c
    Jan 11, 2007
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      Mike made a tough decision, but hopefully other players will gain some
      appreciation of the tireless bullshit that organizers go through before
      realizing that it just isn't worth it...
      Mike has run a great event for 15 years, and has organized countless other
      tournies in his time being associated with table hockey in Canada. My first
      event I ever attended was at his tournament, and my love for the game grew
      from there.
      He could have 16 or 20 guys registered right now, but is tired of waiting
      for the non-committal dumbasses out there who, every year, seem to string
      you along as if they will come - seemingly needing to make up their mind
      last minute! Why bother inviting someone 2 months in advance?
      He has a hall to pay for, food to provide, and other details to organize...
      as all the organizers do! I have had this conversation with Burt a hundred
      times... it is very frustrating, and Mike has stepped up and done what the
      rest of us have never had the gumption to do... send a message that you
      gotta shut 'er down if people do not follow the registration guidelines. I
      am disappointed, as I love that event, but appreciate Mike's position.

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      >Subject: [ccth] Re: ontario table hockey championships
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      >Well, it's a black day for the ccthf and certainly a step in the wrong
      >direction when a tourney is cancelled due to a lack of interest. And
      >this is no fault of Mike Pope's who has worked hard year after year and
      >provided a great tourney for the benefit of all of us. It was just two
      >years ago that I played at the Hamilton tourney for the first time.
      >There were 38 players at that tourney. Last year there were 26. I wish
      >I knew the answer as to why the bottom fell out this year but sadly, I
      >don't. Better luck next year, Mike. Hope to see at other tourneys
      >throughout the year. Sid.
      >--- In ccth@yahoogroups.com, "Mike Pope" <playtablehockey@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > Sadly this year's tournament has been cancelled due to poor
      > > response.Hopefully next year we can get it going again.I will contact
      > > who sent their entry in.
      > >

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