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  • jrzonca@webtv.net
    Jan 1, 2007
      Happy New Year Everybody! ! !

      Jan 1 2003 ~ Lemont Illinois

      Left to right pictured above is Kenny Dubois ~ Mike Lisowski~ Garry
      Butler ref ~ Graham Barber ~ Ron Marsik ~ Bernie Kunzler

      On New Years 2003 we held a Stiga tournament and a Shark Tank
      CTHL style tournament on back to back nights then played opening night
      CTHL. Played the Stiga up in our family room and played the Coleco in
      Table Hocxkey Stadium. We partied and played table hockey non stop for
      days straight. Shark tank ended around 5:30 am if thats any indication
      of the FUN we had over those great memorable days. Many of the players
      you will read still play with us and some have moved on........

      I invite you to go back in time and read about this fantastic blast from
      the past and follow the thread ~ Chicagoland New Years Table Hockey at

      We have been very luckey to have MANY players travel to here to Lemont
      over the last 5 years. This incredable support means ALOT to me. We
      thank you and i am Very Gratefull to each and everyone of you so THANK
      YOU very much!

      ALSO ~Thank god for places like Heaven, Tavern and the Cafe so these
      experiances can be played back more clearly in our minds.

      What a time we had..................

      HAPPY NEW YEAR and See YOU in Sin City!

      On to the FUTURE!
      Jim Rzonca