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  • Burt Brassard
    Sep 5, 2006
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      Sent: Tuesday, September 05, 2006 11:33 AM
      Subject: Re: [ccth] Re: Just A Thought

      You said the JGG website is good now. Which link?

      Burt Brassard <surfburt@videotron. ca> wrote:
      Bonjour Mr Sid!
      Congratulations on your 2nd edition of your tournament in Peterborough, it seemed like a great success!
      What I mentionned about creating a link to the "tablehockey heaven" website, is only for the discussion forum. What I mean is that we keep the CCTHF website as is, and just add a link on the "forum" that would take us directly on THH, but only for the main forum.  The "ccthf" website stays for all the other aspects, including "ranking". You are not dumb, it's just technical stuff that needs explaining
      P.S.  As for the Brampton website, it is often off line or not updated.  The "Johnny GoodGuy" website is good now.
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      Sent: Monday, September 04, 2006 8:18 PM
      Subject: Re: Just A Thought

      Carlo, Burt, and the gang,
      It's taken a while for me to reply to this message because I'm not sure exactly what it means. I think I'm starting to get it now after reading Burt's message.
       I find it easy to post on the CCTHF (and PTHA) website but I've had difficulty with other sites. Perhaps I haven't taken enough time to learn how to properly go about it but once, when I simply tried to say "hi" to the guys on the NTHL (Brampton) site I was unable to do so for whatever reason. (I'm no computer whiz, believe me!)
      Burt, are you saying that if we post on the ccthf website, it could be set up to post automatically on Table Hockey Heaven as well?  If that's the case, then sure, why not?
      Now, for my question - If the main table hockey forum is going to be a part of Table Hockey Heaven (and not the ccthf site), what will become of the ccthf site? Will we go there only to check where we rank? Call me a dumb dutchman if you like, but I'm still not sure as to what this is about exactly.  Cheers, Sid.
      P.S. I borrowed Jim Maker's Labelle game tonight and will have it until Sept. 23 to practise against my sons or whoever else might drop in! I can navigate a table hockey puck better than I can a computer! Ha ha. 

      From:  Burt Brassard <surfburt@videotron. ca>
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      Subject:  Re: Just A Thought
      Date:  Mon, 04 Sep 2006 19:53:23 -0400
      >Good idea Carlo.
      >I think that "tablehockey heaven" is the reference in the table
      >hockey world in North America, and Warren is a key promoter and has
      >proven it.  We should simplify as much as possible the forums, and
      >still keep our federation websites active.  We just have to put a
      >link from our website to the "table hockey forum", and generate more
      >traffic that way for table hockey. Centralization is the way to go
      >and KISS is the key!
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      ><coleco@sympatico. ca>; <sidkloosterman@ hotmail.com>
      >Sent: Friday, September 01, 2006 12:20 AM
      >Subject: Just A Thought
      >>Hey guys, I was thinking and here is my thought. Let me know what
      >>you all think please.
      >>There are to many forums out there. Why don't we all put them  in
      >>the tablehockeyheaven web page?
      >>As they have topics (General, Stiga Tournaments, ice hockey) etc
      >>etc, we can have ccthf, tavern & ACTHF as topics section.
      >>All the Associations can keep their pages but just shut down their
      >>forums sections. I think that's also what Pascal was wanting to do
      >>with the CTHA?
      >>That's of course if the president of the 3 Associations accept and
      >>if Warren will have us?
      >>You know, to much, even of a good thing is not always a good thing.
      >>Putting them all at the same place will create more traffic and
      >>activity, thus maybe more fun and less complications.
      >>Tablehockeyheaven is I think one of the best site of its kind. All
      >>games and a lot of them. Custom made , over 270 great pictures etc
      >>Promotes all games, Stiga, Coleco, PP2, Benej, Customs etc.
      >>Great articles from various news paper dating as far back as 1985.
      >>I think we can meet new people and help grow this Sport and have a
      >>better chance at looking professional, well organized and maybe
      >>this way we can get more sponser's and who knows, even NHL
      >>tablehockeyheaven. com can be "Home Base" and all our other pages
      >>CCTHF, Tavern & ACTHF & CTHA can all be "Head Quarters".
      >>Just A Thought, let me know what you all think please. Thanks

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