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Re: [CRN-L] Pt Balance Number of Statement Requirement

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  • mbbielinsk@aol.com
    We send three statements 28 days apart. When the final notice statement goes out, we also place a phone call. 28 days later, the account is given to the
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 28, 2005
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      We send three statements 28 days apart. When the final notice statement
      goes out, we also place a phone call. 28 days later, the account is given to
      the provider for the collection decision. If the provider says yes and we have
      a good address, we put it in a precollect status where our agency sends out
      a letter. 30 days after that, it rolls into hard collect and 30 days after
      that it gets reported to the credit agency.

      We've thought about cutting out one of the statements, especially since, in
      this area, we have a lot of people who are only here for a few months and then
      they go home to far off lands.

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      DEBLEG@... writes:

      We used to send three statements and a final letter. We discovered that
      final letter was not netting us any increased account payments. Now we
      send three statements. The third statement says that further collection
      efforts MAY be needed if we do not hear from them within 10 days. At that
      we write the account off and send the list to the Provider to decide on
      turning them to collections. This way the A/R stays current and the
      Provider can
      decide on collection efforts. We used to wait on the Provider to decide
      before adjusting but some of the clients would sit on these lists for
      The A/R was growing and the Provider wanted to know why his over 120 was so

      large....duhhhhh... LOLOLOL

      Anyway, this is what we are doing. Hope this helps!!!

      Debra N. Leggett
      Vice President, Management Services
      San Antonio, Texas
      (210) 344-0164 ext 104

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