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Re: [CRN-L] accounting services

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  • Lori Wyvill
    It is difficult to do an apple to apple conparision without knowing what exactly you are getting for your $1,500 per month. That equates $18,000 per year.
    Message 1 of 6 , Aug 2, 2004
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      It is difficult to do an "apple to apple" conparision without knowing what exactly you are getting for your $1,500 per month. That equates $18,000 per year. Depending on what this non-PCA accountant is doing for you, you may be able to hire someone part-time to enter the payables, attach checks, file, etc. and then you print the reports for a great deal less money than what you are currently paying. However, if this non-CPA accountant is actually preparing tax returns, detailed financial reports, profit & loss statements, etc. you may be better off keeping the status quo - unless of course you are capable taking over taxes and reports.

      christy86m@... wrote:
      We are currently in an accounting dilema. We are debating whether or not we
      (ME:) should take a/p in house or use an outside nonCPA accountant. The nonCPA
      accountant worked for us in the past and is excellent, the problem is the
      price. She wants $1500 a month for a/p (& reporting).

      We have 1 MD, 3 DO's, 2 PA's and 1 CANP, 23 employees. Any of you guys able
      to tell me apples to apples whether or not the $1500 is reasonable?

      Thanks in advance!!!

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