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Re: Audiologist

Amanda, the testing order can come from the eye doctor Barbara J. Cobuzzi Sent from my iPhone ... Amanda, the testing order can come from the eye doctor
Barbara Cobuzzi
Nov 10, 2016

Re: Audiologist

Okay so as long as we have an “order” for Medicare patients we are good to go. Can it be a referral from our Eye Doc to the Audiologist. Referral vs Order?
Amanda Kunze
Nov 10, 2016

Re: Audiologist

Amanda, All diagnostic testing must have an order for Medicare. As for non-medicare payers, you have to read their reimbursement manuals sections on diagnostic
Barbara Cobuzzi
Nov 10, 2016


We have an audiologist getting referrals from our in house eye doctors. Because she has gotten a “referral” can we bill an insurance for payment? I’m
Amanda Kunze
Nov 9, 2016

CPT 67145

Any eye coders our there? We performed a laser on a retinal tear x 2. The patient actually had two separate tears in the same eye. Can we bill 67145 twice once
Amanda Kunze
Oct 13, 2016

CPT 90840

I have a question that has come up about the add-on code 90840. With most of the therapy codes, we have been told that once the time passes over the half-way
Meernik, Shirlene
Sep 22, 2016

Re: CPT 31502

Thanks Barbara! Amanda CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: This electronic mail transmission may contain legally privileged, confidential information belonging to the
Amanda Kunze
Sep 22, 2016

Re: CPT 31502

Hey Amanda. The fistula is usually established within a week of the placement of the tracheostomy. Since that time is not the same for every patient, the
Barbara Cobuzzi
Sep 22, 2016

CPT 31502

I've been told along the way that CPT 31502 should only be reported within so many days of the surgery until the fistula has been established and that if this
Amanda Kunze
Sep 21, 2016

ICD-10 Help

What ICD-10 would you use for a Verrucous Keratosis? Thanks!! Amanda Kunze, CPC, OCS Reimbursement Specialist Eye & Ear Clinic CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: This
Amanda Kunze
Jul 17, 2016

Re: 17000 vs. 17110

We bill all 3 of those codes and get paid. Primary Care practice. On Thu, Jun 9, 2016 at 7:51 PM, Jo-Anne Sheehan jsheehan@... ... --
Cindy Block
Jun 16, 2016

Re: 17000 vs. 17110

They are payable - be sure to check the LCD's for each code.  Catherine E Glazer MedFile Medical Billing & Consulting 949-489-2816 On Wednesday, June 8, 2016
Catherine Glazer
Jun 13, 2016

Re: 17000 vs. 17110

They are most definitely payable codes. Do not bill the patient if the insurance is contracted to pay. You can go to payer websites and get reimbursement
Jo-Anne Sheehan
Jun 9, 2016

Re: 17000 vs. 17110

Have you looked at the LCDs for those codes? Don Don Self & Associates, Inc 305 Senter Ave, Whitehouse, TX 75791 903 871-1172 fax 480-247-5650
Don Self
Jun 8, 2016

17000 vs. 17110

We just recently started using Liquid Nitro here at our ENT practice. We are discussing whether or not 17000 and 17110 and actually 11200 should all be just
Amanda Kunze
Jun 8, 2016
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