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Hey! This is Emma, I was surfing the site and i saw that no one has posted for a while.... C'mon guys! This is a good way to talk in between events! So...
Nov 14, 2007

Where is everybody???

Hey guys- Where is everybody? Nobody's written forever!! Is anybody going to Debbie's music planning party? It sounds like fun. I am going, because if I don't
Mar 3, 2007

New poll for CCHTchat

Enter your vote today! A new poll has been created for the CCHTchat group: Which pizza toppings do you LOVE??? (check as many as you want!!) o Cheese o
Jan 28, 2007

A bunch of stuff

Hey- "stupid" snow?????? It's awesome!! I've played out in it for 3 days in a row now. I am exhausted. But yeah, I have missed some classes cuz of it...
Jan 18, 2007

Re: Oh yeah! Well first is worst second is best!

I'm third the nerd! Whoo hoo! I love the snow, but it's melting. And, I'm bummed that I missed my Wednesday classes two weeks in a row because of snow days.
Jan 18, 2007

Oh yeah! Well first is worst second is best!

Hahahah I am the second message on here! And according to a little poem...first is worst,second is best! So anyways...I am really bored. Stupid snow! My mom
Jan 18, 2007

First message on the new site!!!

Hi!!! Ha ha, I'm the first message. I don't really have anything to say, I just wanted to be the first message. Who's out there? I'm Kelsey, in case you didn't
Jan 18, 2007
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