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Fw: We Have a WINNER!!!

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  • Kila Fobi
      We Have a WINNER!!! July 2013                                               Signupto receive this newsletter
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      We Have a WINNER!!!

      July 2013                                               Signup to receive this newsletter

      Dear Kila:
      Happy New Month of July!

      Last month, I launched the Cycle of Goodness challenge. Congratulations to our winner, Beatrice Brazile Warmsley, mother of 8 with 1 on the way!! You deserve it Beatrice. Please contact me with your address to mail you a $100 check. Blessings on the new baby!!!

      This month's Ask Dr. Ambe comes from a parent who wants to know whether to enroll her child in a public school or private school. Read my response below.
      This month, I will deliver the keynote speech at the MINCAM graduation ceremony in Minnesota. If you're in Minnesota on July 13, DO NOT MISS IT!!!

      Guess who is featured on Great Black Speakers?

      A warm and fuzzy welcome to ALL our new subscribers!!!

      Have a fantastic month of July!

      Be blessed & be brilliant!

      Question of the Month
      Private or Public School?

      This month, I answer a question from a parent who wants to know whether to enroll her child in a public or private school.
      Click below to read my response...

      Read More

      Handing out an Award to the President of LESA USA, Georgia Chapter, Mrs. Kila Fobi, during the LESA USA Convention

      Speaking to the students in Mr. McCoy's class about preparing for global competition

      Nicoline's Itinerary

      My Upcoming Speaking Events

      July 13 - MINCAM graduation keynote, MN
      July 20 - Success for Teens Seminar
      August 3 - Bible Believers MBC, CA
      August 3 - Uplifting Our Children
      August 7-9 - Garment of Praise Ministries
      August 17 - Los Angeles Nollywood Awards
      Sept 7 - Life & Times Magazine Annual Gala
      Sept. 14 - Diva & Fabulous Youth Foundation
      Sept. 20-21 - The WIN Big Event, Los Angeles
      Sept. 27-28 - Strengthening our Sisterhood, MI
      October 4 - Touch My Closet Radio Show
      November 7-9 - Command Any Room Participant
      Feb. 22, 2014 - City of Carson Parent Conference
      July 2014 - Global Women's Summit, Cameroon

      I'm available to speak all over the country. If you're looking for a dynamic, informed, inspirational and knowledgeable Keynote Speaker, call me at (310) 874-5208

      About Dr. Nicoline Ambe


      For more information about me, CLICK HERE

      Thanks for your interest in this newsletter. Please forward it to your friends.

      Until we meet again, remember to cherish every moment with your child. Empower and encourage them to rise to their highest potential. And certainly, don't forget to take care of your own needs as a parent.

      Until next month,
      Be blessed & be brilliant!

      Dr. Nicoline Ambe
      Speaker & Author

      Books by Nicoline

      16108 Haskins Lane
      Carson, CA 90746

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