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    May 5, 2014

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      MBendi Newsletter: 30 April 2014
      MBendi Information Services MBendi Newsletter: 02 May 2014
      The World after 2020 :: Dishing it up
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      Dear Harry Asa'na,

      The fortnightly MBendi Newsletter is sent to you as one of the 95,000 registered subscribers or as the representative of a company mentioned in one of our newsletters. Instructions for updating your details or un-subscribing from this newsletter can be found at the foot of this note. If you have any other queries, you are welcome to contact me.

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      In this 02 May 2014 edition of our newsletter:


      My younger daughter is a great fan of the Australian Master Chef TV series. So when she came to stay last week, we'd settle down with her each evening to watch the next episode. However, there's a limit to the number of exotic meals I could watch being prepared and before long my mind started to wander.

      For some reason I found myself thinking about the shanty towns that have sprung up around cities and towns across Africa, Asia and South America. With television, along with the ubiquitous cell phone, ranking high on modern man's hierarchy of needs, many shacks now sport a satellite dish. Outside it is cold. The rain is pouring down and the makeshift roof has developed leaks. Inside the family are huddled under a blanket on the bed watching Master Chef. What is their reaction?

      Are they inspired to better themselves so that they too can fly first class to Dubai and stand on the helipad atop the world' tallest building? Certainly the little boys endlessly chasing soccer balls on the nearest dusty space are out to emulate the sporting heroes they saw scoring on TV. What about girls - do they just want to be stereotype housewives? After watching mine bosses on the previous news broadcast brag about how mining was following the technology lead of other industrial sectors and mechanising to reduce manpower by 50% and more, the watching adults will be even more reluctant to venture forth from their cosy spot to once again fruitlessly trudge the job seeking trail.

      Does the sight of gleaming kitchens several times the size of their cramped quarters cause resentment? More and more around the world we are seeing protests at the growing wealth gap between the super-rich and the man in the street and the shack. Certainly democracy, which should put power in the hands of the multitudes at the bottom of the pyramid, has not put a brake on this growing disparity as the wealthy throw their largesse at candidates to secure their loyalty. Maybe, as the centenary of the Russian Revolution approaches, we are going to see today's unemployed serfs rising against the glittering modern aristocracy.

      Of course, it could be that the powers that be have thought of this. Like the emperors of Ancient Rome who distracted their restive citizens with free bread and circuses, they now dish up an endless fare of sport, reality shows, soap operas and superficial news to distract watchers from their growling tummies and the futility of tomorrow. Maybe those aspirant master chefs and their handlers are simply pawns in a global battle for the hearts and minds of the viewing public.

      At this point, the program, and my reveries, came to an abrupt halt. As the family duty chef for the night I had to stop philosophising and spring into action...


      Africa and the World:

      Nigeria's largely oil-derived GDP has been recalculated, making the country Africa's largest economy, well ahead of South Africa with its population less than a third that of Nigeria. Fleurette Group and Andrade Gutierrez are to create infrastructure joint venture to develop power, rail and road projects in the DRC. Sanlam Emerging Markets is buying 51% of Malaysia's MCIS Zurich Insurance Berhad. Gazprombank, Russia's third largest lender by assets, is setting up a representative office in South Africa. The UK Government has announced that it will launch its first ever development impact bond to improve healthcare in Africa by bringing together private and public investment. Dimension Data acquired 100% of US-based Nexus for an undisclosed sum. The Qatari Government is considering financing the construction of a 175-kilometre road in North Eastern Kenya running between Isiolo and Modogashe, as well as the proposed Lamu Port South Sudan Ethiopia Transport corridor.

      As you read on, remember that the full company news releases and summaries associated with all these items are available on the MBendi website. The new MBendi User Guide for Company Listings describes how you can publish your company's press releases on our website yourself and make best use of your company's listing in our online directory.


      Corporate / M&A:

      Tanzania Minerals is to acquire from Twigg Gold Ltd. Alexander Nubia completed a non-brokered private placement. Centamin has provided an update on new the Egyptian investment law.


      DetNet in partnership with AEL Mining Services has launched the DetNet CE4 Tagger which aims to revolutionise blasting in the mining and construction industry through ease-of-use, simplicity, visibility, productivity and robustness. Roxgold Inc. has announced the results of its feasibility study on its Yaramoko exploration permit in Burkina Faso. Sama Resources launched the next drilling program at the Samapleu and Yepleu deposits in Cote d'Ivoire.

      MBendi's Mining News provides recent press releases for the following companies as well as an archive of more than 100,000 other news items and releases:

      • ABG (Bulyanhulu, Tanzania)
      • African Copper (copper, Botswana)
      • African Gold Group (gold, Mali)
      • Assmang (iron, Gabon)
      • Aureus Mining (New Liberty Gold, Liberia)
      • Barrick Gold/Newmont Mining (gold)
      • Glencore-Merafe (chromite, South Africa)
      • Hummingbird Resources (gold, Liberia)
      • Kenmare Resources plc (titanium, Mozambique)
      • Kumba (iron, South Africa)
      • Liontown Resources (Ibaga, Tanzania)
      • MDM Engineering /Sibanye Gold (Driefontein, South Africa)
      • Mwana Africa (diamonds, South Africa)
      • Nord Gold N.V. (gold, Burkina Faso)
      • Panex Resources (gold, DRC)
      • Perseus Mining (Edikan, Ghana)
      • Petra Diamonds Limited (diamonds)
      • Roxgold Inc. (gold, Burkina Faso)
      • Royal Bafokeng Platinum (platinum, South Africa)
      • Sable Mining Africa Limited (iron, Guinea)
      • Shanta Gold (gold, Tanzania)
      • Sibanye Gold Limited (gold, South Africa)
      • Sunergy, Inc. (gold, Sierra Leone)
      • Tawana Resources (iron, Liberia)
      • Triton Minerals (Balama North)
      • Tsodilo Resources (iron ore: Botswana)

      Oil and Chemicals:

      Corporate / Governance: Oando Energy Resources increased the deposit for the acquisition of ConocoPhillips Nigerian upstream business. Egypt will pay about US$ 1 billion of the money it owes to foreign oil companies within the next two months.

      Natural Gas: African Power Generation signed a Joint Venture Agreement with Ghana National Gas Company aimed at providing additional gas to Ghana.

      Downstream: A new CITAC Africa report concludes world refining is currently going through a major transition and identifies the three main factors underpinning the change.

      Chemicals: Asian Paints, the largest Indian paint manufacturer and major industry player in both Asia and the global market, acquired a majority stake in Ethiopian paints factory, Kadisco Chemical Industry Plc.

      MBendi's Oil and Energy News provides recent press releases for the following companies as well as an archive of more than 100,000 other news items and releases:

      • Africa Hydrocarbons (Bouhajla Permit, Tunisia)
      • Aveva / Total (Nigeria)
      • Cairn Energy / FAR (FAN-1, offshore Senegal)
      • CAMAC Energy (Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria)
      • Chariot Oil & Gas (offshore Morocco)
      • ERHC Energy (Block 11A, Kenya)
      • Hydrocarb Energy (Owambo Basin, Namibia)
      • Longreach Oil & Gas (Kamar-1, Morocco)
      • Simba Energy (Block 2A, Kenya)
      • Swala Energy (Block 12B, Kenya)
      • Total (Saphir-1XB, Block CI-514, Cote d'Ivoire)
      • Tower Resources / Repsol Exploration (Namibia)
      • Sterling Energy (Bamboo-1, Cameroon)
      • Tullow Oil (Tapendar-1, offshore Mauritania)

      Electrical Power / Renewables / Telecoms:

      Electricity: Ethiopia declined Egypt's offer to fund its controversial Grand Renaissance hydroelectric scheme on the Nile River. CEPGL plans to fast-track production of 147 MW at the Rusizi III hydro project which will feed Burundi, DR Congo and Rwanda. Fleurette Group and Andrade Gutierrez are to create infrastructure joint venture to develop power, rail and road projects in the DRC. The African Development Bank, Dutch Development Bank FMO, the Development Bank of Southern Africa and Propaco signed a US$142 million loan to develop the 120 MW Itezhi Tezhi power project in Zambia. African Energy Resources entered into a MOU with Zambia's electricity utility ZESCO and Maysen and Borowski Investments. Altaaqa Global Rental Power opened an East African office.

      Telecoms: Dimension Data acquired 100% of US-based Nexus for an undisclosed sum. Actis announced a significant investment in Upstream, the mobile monetisation company. IHS Holding has announced that it has raised a further US$ 130 million which will be used to accelerate its plans for expansion into new and existing markets. Huawei Technologies Zambia has launched the first of a series of 169 base stations that will connect rural communities in Zambia to the mobile phone network. Mobile network provider Tigo announced a partnership with Facebook, which allows its Tanzanian customers free access to the English and Kiswahili version of the social media network without incurring data charges. Equity Bank plans to hand out more than 300,000 Near Field Communication smartphones to restaurants, retail stores and supermarkets throughout Kenya.

      Investment and Projects:

      The Ethiopian government has met with the Swiss international water resources company to discuss ways of exporting Nile water to Kuwait for daily consumption. The Egyptian government has announced that the Urban Communities Authority will build 50,240 new housing units in 15 cities as part of a project that aims to provide youth and low to medium -income households with a million housing units over a five-year period. Angola's Sovereign Fund, which was set up with initial capital of US$ 5 billion, has announced plans to start investing in hotels and commercial facilities in sub-Saharan Africa. Actis has announced that it would invest in South African credit bureau Compuscan.

      Trade and Transport:

      The Angolan government announced plans to build Africa's biggest shipping terminal at Dande, 50 kilometers north of the main Empresa Portuaria de Luanda EP. Toyota South Africa will be introducing an affordable, locally built sedan based on the last-generation Corolla to challenge importers of popular Korean vehicles. The Qatari Government is considering financing the construction of a 175-kilometre road in North Eastern Kenya running between Isiolo and Modogashe, as well as the proposed Lamu Port South Sudan Ethiopia Transport corridor consisting of road, railway and pipeline from Lamu to Addis Ababa and Juba through Isiolo. South Africa's Finance Minister approved agreements that bind the Passenger Rail Agency of SA to certain financial commitments for the rail parastatal's R 123.5 billion project to upgrade and expand South Africa's railway infrastructure and rolling stock. Airports Company South Africa announced a "strategic partnership" with the Ghana Airports Company. The Wor ld Bank has approved US$ 300 million in funds from the International Development Association to support the Government of Tanzania's effort to create a reliable open access railway infrastructure on the Dar es Saalam-Isaka section of the East African Central Corridor.

      Agriculture, Food and Fishing:

      Burger King and its Cape Town-based joint venture partner, Excellent Meat, invested R 50 million in a new production facility. Kenya-based retailer Nakumatt will be challenging a ban by a Tanzanian court, blocking its bid to acquire three Shoprite outlets, following a successfully obtained injunction by the Tanzania Union of Industrial and Commercial Workers.

      Finance and Banking:

      Thirty donor countries have pledged a record amount of US $4.43 billion for the Global Environment Facility to support developing countries' efforts over the next four years to prevent degradation of the global environment. The African Development Bank has approved a US $8.2 million loan to Gambia's Horizons Clinic for the design, building and operation of a 60-bed international standard, state-of-the-art medical facility in Gambia. Senegal is to receive a combined African Development Fund loan and grant amounting to 18.74 billion CFA francs to finance the country's Water and Sanitation Sector Project. The African Development Bank has approved a US $9 million line of credit to Moza Banco, one of Mozambique's fastest-growing financial institutions with strong focus on SMEs. The World Bank announced that it will provide Nigeria with projects worth US$ 8 billion targeting job creation, social services and governance; Nigeria will get US$ 2 billion annually, disbursed through the Inter national Development Association and International Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The IFC has announced that it is offering local-currency bonds in Rwanda, as it expands an African debt program; the notes will be sold in Rwandan francs and listed on the nation's bourse. The German government will make available a financial contribution of 20 million euros to support immunisation programmes in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi.


      South Africa: Statistics South Africa reported 937,792 tourists visited South Africa during December 2013, the highest ever recorded number of tourists in the country in any one month. South Africa's inflation rate rose to 6% percent in March as prices rose 1.3 percent in the month.

      Rest of Africa: Rwanda exported over 23,000 tons of tea, earning US$ 66 million.


      The Qatar-based satellite network Al Jazeera has served Egypt with a US$ 150 million compensation claim for what it said was damage to its business inflicted by Cairo's military rulers. Algeria held presidential elections. The South African Constitutional Court has ordered the SA Social Security Agency to rerun a tender process for a contract to distribute social grants to nearly 15 million beneficiaries. The latest edition of Africa Confidential provides commentary on, amongst other things: the state of Nigeria's economy; Atlas Mara and Zimbabwe; Saudi and UAE sanctions against Sudan; leadership issues in Egypt, Burundi and Mali; Rwandan memorials; elections in Guinea Bissau; and a whole lot more.

      If your organisation has achieved something significant in Africa and we missed it, then please E-mail your news release to news@....


      Usage of the MBendi website in March 2014 increased by more than 5% compared to February. Even more positive, average usage of our clients’ web pages increased by a further 26% over February, a nice jump even though March was a longer month.

      As always, the most popular section of the MBendi website was our company directory, followed by usage of our directory of travel and business facilities. Mining and oil and gas continue to be the sectors of greatest interest. New among the directory entries attracting most interest from our audiences was a really interesting mix by sector and location: Growth Trading, Chas Everitt (Constantiaberg), Jumbo Cash & Carry, Impact Instruments, National Development Bank, Southern Engineering, Total Zimbabwe, Sappi Saiccor, Mopani Copper Mines, Oostenberg Municipality and South African Airways.


      The following list of upcoming events taking place around the world - just a fraction of the events listed in the Events Directory on MBendi.com - will be of interest to our readers in all sectors. Just click on the links below to get more information and contact the organisers:

      Global Pacific & Partners is the organiser of the 11th Maghreb, Mediterranean, Mid East Upstream starting 19 May 2014 in Nicosia, Cyprus

      Exhibition Management Services is the organiser of the 11th West African International Mining & Power Exhibition starting 28 May 2014 in Accra, Ghana

      Exhibition Management Services is the organiser of the Cape Industries Showcase 2014 which includes Oil and Gas Africa , Maritime and Offshore Marine Africa, RAC Africa and Empowertec Cape starting 2 July 2014 in Cape Town, South Africa

      Global Pacific & Partners is the organiser of the 11th African Independents Forum 2014 starting 2 June 2014 in London, United Kingdom

      dmg :: energy events is the organiser of the West Africa Exploration and Pre-Salt Forum starting 3 June 2014 in Windhoek, Namibia

      dmg :: energy events is the organiser of the Global African Investment Summit (‘GAIS’) starting 21 October 2014 in London, United Kingdom

      Global Pacific & Partners is the organiser of the 21st Africa Oil Week 2014 starting 3 November 2014 in Cape Town, South Africa

      The Pennwell Group is organising the Offshore West Africa in Lagos, Nigeria, commencing on 20 January 2015.

      The Pennwell Group is organising the co-located POWER-GEN Africa and DistribuTECH Africa starting 15 July 2015 in Cape Town, South Africa

      The CP Training Consortium provides Contracting and Procurement training for organisations from a wide range of industrial sectors, including telecommunications, cement and utilities, as well as a broad cross section of the oil and gas sector.

      Event organisers can request our event advertising ratecard in order to get details of our highly effective event advertising package, used by all the organisers of the events listed above. We also provide a directory of event venues around the world.

      • AEL Mining Services is a leading developer, producer and supplier of commercial explosives, initiating systems and blasting services for mining, quarrying and construction markets in Africa and Indonesia.
      • The Brenthurst Foundation is on the frontier of knowledge in contributing to a debate around strategies and policies for strengthening Africa's economic performance.
      • CITAC, the Downstream African Energy Specialists, has an unrivalled knowledge of refining, trading and petroleum products marketing throughout Africa.
      • Exchange Data International Limited provides closing prices, corporate actions and dividend data for African stock exchanges as well as African reference data.
      • Whitehouse & Associates, specialists in African market research

      Copies of previous newsletters can be found on our website. If you have colleagues or associates who would benefit from using the MBendi website, we would appreciate your forwarding this newsletter to them.



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