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RE: [CB-BOOK] Présentation Et un frenchi de plus, enfin je me sens moins seul, cool. JMarc To: CB-BOOK@yahoogroups.com From: ebe.cire@... Date: Sat, 19 Apr 2014 12:10:02 +0200

Jean-Marc Gelain
May 1, 2014

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Re: Présentation Bonjour Gen, Soit le bienvenue camarade tireur, tu trouvera en Téléchargement les différents Paragraphes du livre, n'hésite PAS A LA COLLE des questions

May 1, 2014

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Présentation Bonjour à tous, Je suis passionné de tir et de rechargement. Je vous remercie de m’accueillir dans votre groupe. Cordialement Eric Bonjour à tous, Je suis

May 1, 2014

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Présentation Un grand merci de m'accueillir dans votre groupe. Je suis passionné de tir et de rechargement Gen Un grand merci de m'accueillir dans votre groupe. Je suis

Gen Peel
Apr 19, 2014

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Re: Saeco or Redding hello i'm looking for saeco lubrisizer dies: .429 .430 .451 .401 .402 .357 and also some top punch for my saeco press If you have some of them don't hesitate

Jan 27, 2014

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Re: Saeco or Redding I have an original Saeco lubrisizer. California made, black in color. Has several size dies and top punches with it. If you are interested send me an email

Dec 19, 2013

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Saeco or Redding Does anyone have a Saeco or Redding lubrisizer they want to sell or trade for? Rick from Roseville

rick morrow
Oct 3, 2013

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ARTICLES I've put up some sorta new stuff, in post 3rd edition articles then about groups then NOTES ARTICLES; and I'd appreciate any comments. Thanks; joe b.

Sep 29, 2013

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Reloader 7 Does anyone have any Reloader 7 they would like to sell or trade

Sep 4, 2013

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Re: Convert .pdf to .xls? Thanks to all, I copied the .pdf file to excel by hand.  joe b. ________________________________ From: LTW78700 To:

Joe Brennan
Jul 21, 2013

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Re: Convert .pdf to .xls? Joe: Sorry about that but as I said, I haven't tried any conversions using this site so it was only a suggestion. However, in reading over some other

Jul 20, 2013

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Re: Convert .pdf to .xls? I fear that is correct. I, too, tried it and one cannot 'grab' the text, nor is any text embedded in the file. The scan wasn't good enough for my character

Jul 20, 2013

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Re: Convert .pdf to .xls? ... Unfortunately the PDF file is an image scan of the printed out document and would require some advanced imaging and character recognition software to

Jul 19, 2013

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Re: Convert .pdf to .xls? I used that and the resulting file is too fouled up to use. May try other conversion sites. Thanks; joe b. ________________________________ From:

Joe Brennan
Jul 19, 2013

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Re: Convert .pdf to .xls? http://internationalbenchrest.com/results/group/2011/Holton/Nationals/HoltonGroupNationals.php Under "4 gun" Thanks; joe b. ________________________________

Joe Brennan
Jul 19, 2013
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