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March activities

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  • Armando Velazquez
    Hi everyone! I hope everyone had good weekend (Enjoy your Monday off for those who get to celebrate President s Day weekend). I (and Scott Smith) attended the
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 18, 2007
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      Hi everyone!

      I hope everyone had good weekend (Enjoy your Monday off for those who
      get to celebrate President's Day weekend).

      I (and Scott Smith) attended the Kiwanis Mid Year Conference in
      Ontario last week and learned a lot. For those who are interested in
      attending the North conference in Sacramento let me know. The
      conference is free (without meals). Click on this link for more info:

      I am still looking for a person who can design a CAYP logo. Any
      volunteers would be appreciated.

      And now for March.....

      The main reason for this e-mail is the weekend of March 23 to 25. As
      mentioned before CAYP will have a great opportunity to recruit future
      members at the CKI Convention in Irvine. CAYP will do the following:

      * Host a workshop on Saturday the 24th about transitioning from CKI to
      Kiwanis. This workshop will likely be in the morning.

      * Present a Carthage Pullman Society at the Honors Reception to a CKI
      member (In the evening)

      There are 2 ways you can participate:

      1) Just come for the workshop (I will know the time of the workshop
      soon). Even if it's just to be there it will work. We want to show CKI
      members that we are building and are growing. By just coming for the
      workshop it will not cost you a dime!

      2) Register for the convention (Saturday only). The one-day
      registration includes lunch and dinner, an invitation to the Honor's
      Reception and the commemorative souvenir convention pin. Activities
      begin with lunch at Noon and conclude at Midnight. Check-in for the
      day will be available at 11 a.m. Of course you can also take part in
      the workshop earlier in the day. I have attached the registration form
      for those who are interested.

      Some of you have already contacted me about helping out. You'll hear
      back from me soon. Anyone else interested please contact me soon.


      On Sunday (March 25) we will be having a gathering. It will begin at
      around 3pm and we will be meeting at my family restaurant for FREE
      FOOD! That's right FREE FOOD!

      This is an open invitation to anyone! Do you have a friend who you
      think might be interested in joining CAYP? Bring them along! After we
      eat we'll move to another location (Likely mi casa) to chat, talk
      about CAYP, chartering and more. I will need people to RSVP to
      anticipate the amount of food to have ready. RSVP's can be given up to
      the day of the gathering (by 10:00am).

      For those who might need housing for the entire weekend let me know.
      We'll arrange something.

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