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Re: Conference Call Minutes

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  • David Schein
    Conference Call Meeting: March 1, 2009 Call In: 1-517-417-5000 Access Code: 966957 *I. **Introductions & Roll Call *– David, Scott,
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2009

      Conference Call Meeting: March 1, 2009

      Call In: 1-517-417-5000             Access Code: 966957


      I.           Introductions & Roll Call – David, Scott, Robert, John N, Peter, VK, Ryan, Grace, Richard, Mondo

      II.         Past Events

      A.  CAYP hosted Division 1 DCM 2/21 – Grace, Scott & Peter

      B.  Step Up on Second Street, post-DCM service project 2/21 – Grace, Scott & Peter

      C.  UCLA Circle K Dance Marathon 2/21 – Grace & David

      D. Mid-Year South 2/28 – Mondo, Grace, David Ryan, Alan

      E.  UCLA Circle K Recess Competition 2/28 – no one

      F.  Circle K District Large Scale Service Project 3/1 – David & Mondo

      III.       Upcoming Events (check www.caypkiwanis.org “Calendar of Events” for info)

      A.  Marathon Kids – Sat Mar 14, UCLA, 6a-1p or 8a-1p >Zully

      B.  New Member Orientation – Sun Mar 22, TBD, 4p >Rob: at Mimi’s Café, look for email, all members- old and new- are welcome

      C.  Circle K DCON – Sat Mar 28, Woodland Hills >Grace- One Day registration available which is due March 13, full weekend registration due March 16. Richard advised he needs 5 workshop hosts for: CKI 101, Music, Finances, and couple others. Mondo- we are presenting a Carthage Pullman Award to one senior member of CKI in the past year. We are also getting a room or two so let him know if you plan on attending so we will have an idea of how many rooms we need to book overnight.

      D.  Easter Basket Making – Sun Mar 29, Playa del Rey, shifts~10:15a-4:30p >Linda

      E.  LA Food Bank w/Division 1: Kiwanis One Day – Sat Apr 4, LA >Grace- Divisional event where all of Kiwanis International will be hosting a service project that day. If you cant make this due to geography, look for one hosted the local Kiwanis club in your area

      IV.      Sunshine Corner – Rob Random Fact of the Day, New Member: Helen Cheng

      V.        Meeting Center

      A.   Board Meeting – Tue Mar 17, TGIF Long Beach, 7p

      B.   Kiwanis DCM, Division 1 – Sat Mar 21, Santa Monica YMCA, 9a

      C.   Happy Hour Meeting – Sat Mar 21, Boardwalk 11, LA, 7:3p

      D.   Conference Call – 1st Sunday of the month, next Sun Apr 5th, 8p

      VI.         Open Forum

      VII.       Service Project Raffle & Adjornment – Scott                      www.caypkiwanis.org


      President Scott Smith president@... * VP/Pres-Elect Peter Yu vicepresident@... * Secretary David Schein secretary@... * Treasurer Armando Velazquez treasurer@... * Major Emphasis Director Linda Kim majoremphasis@... * Service Director Zully Chan service@... * Social/Fundraising Director Yaret Casillas socials@... * Kiwanis Family Director Grace Chi kiwanisfamily@... * Sunshine Director Robert Chirk sunshine@...

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      Here they are.
      -David Schein

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