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261Dodger Game and 2009-10 Dues

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  • Armando Velazquez
    Sep 1, 2009
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      Hey everyone,
      A couple of things...
      This Friday is the deadline to get your Dodgers tickets for the game on September 18 (Friday) for the low price of $23. They will be taking on the San Francisco Giants and it is fireworks night. Remember, this is a fundraiser for the Key Club of LACES KIWIN'S. The more people go the better. You may invite guests! Below is a PDF flyer link with all the details. 
      Today is September 1st, which means we are in the final month of the 2008-09 Kiwanis year. The new year begins October 1st. To make sure Kiwanis International invoices us for the right amount of people for next year we need to confirm who will be continuing their membership. Many of you have already confirmed you will return next year. Expect to be contacted by me very soon. Dues amount varies by each member. If you want to contact me ahead of time feel free to do so.
      Armando "Mondo" Velazquez
      Treasurer, CAYP Kiwanis