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(no subject)

Hi My name is Paulo, I'm a 22 years old student from Portugal and some time ago I joined this list on September 11. As I am interested in honoring one of the
Nov 17, 2002

Address for Lt. Vincent Halloran, Division 1, Battalion 2

Hello, I am in need of an address for the Divison 1, Battalion 2 house. Lt. Vincent Halloran was stationed there. One of the 343 lost on 9/11. I wear a
Mar 26, 2002

Warning-This May Make You Cry-The Littlest Firefighter

The Littlest Firefighter In Phoenix AZ. a 26-year-old mother stared down at her son who was dying of terminal leukemia. Although her heart was filled with
Mar 21, 2002

Cards for Soldiers

I am planning on making cards for the soldiers in Afghanistan to give them encouragement and support. My idea for the cards would be to make a flag out of
Mar 10, 2002

(no subject)

Hi. I'm a reporter at Newsweek. I may be writing a story about people who are sending packages (containing things like flags, bibles, poems, etc) to families
Feb 20, 2002

Addresses/Send a Letter to US Troops

Here are some addresses if you would like to send a card/letter of support to our US Soldiers. To view letters from deployed soldiers, visit
Feb 10, 2002

More ways to help

I recently read a book "100 Ways to Strengthen & Unify Our Country" which also encourgares sending cards and letters. In addition, it offers multiple other
Feb 8, 2002

Sent Cards/Thank You

Hello, I sent about 30 cards to the firehouses and police precincts. I meant to send one to every firehouse, but unfortunately ran out of time. I should have
Jan 5, 2002

Addresses-10 men lost/ Engine 33 Ladder 9

I received a thank you card from Engine 33/Ladder 9. It was a beautiful card with the pictures of the 10 men they lost. The inside message read, "The members
Dec 28, 2001

holiday cards for firefighters: here are complete mailing addresses

Hello, Well, my cards might be a bit late, but I am going to send out a bunch of holiday cards to the police precincts and firehouses tonight. I got some
Dec 20, 2001

Re: Flag I sent to Ladder 20

Have sent a msg. on Dec. 5th..I only wanted to know if Ladder 20 on 251 Lafayette St. received my father's American flag, as it was special to me (on his
Dec 16, 2001

Fundraiser for Flight 93/Memorial Bracelets

Steel bracelets engraved with the words "We remember 9-11-01, United We Stand" are available for $10 to raise money for a memorial at the crash site of United
Dec 12, 2001

Squad 252-Story/Address

SQUAD 252 (Information from news reports) As he headed to the scene, Firefighter Jim O'Connor of Squad 252 called his firehouse and spoke to a friend, who said
Dec 11, 2001

Chief of Department, Peter J. Ganci, Jr.

Chief Peter J. Ganci, Jr. was laid to rest on Sept. 15, 2001. Cards for his family may be sent to his son, a NY Fireman. To: FDNY, Attention Peter Ganci III,
Dec 10, 2001

Re: Address/Story-Firefighter John Santore

One of the pictures on the thank you card is a close up face shot of John wearing his fire hat. On the hat was a big number 5. (He was from Ladder #5). Since
Dec 9, 2001
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